Why Literature Matters By Dana Gioia Summary

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In the article, “Why Literature Matters” by Dana Gioia, Gioia presents a claim that shows the decline of interest in the arts, specifically literature, in the newer generation of Americans. Within the piece, Gioia provides accurate statistics, a quote from a notable professional, and reports from trustworthy sources. Gioia makes an attempt to shift America’s attention to the downfall of participation in the arts. He seems to direct his argument mainly at the modern group of individuals.
Starting off with introductory paragraph, Gioia begins to list positive changes in American society, such as college attendance ballooning and access to information skyrocketing enormously, but then quickly drops to one negative: “the interest young Americans showed in the arts – and especially literature – actually diminished.” By using this rhetorical strategy, he is able to put emphasis on this one negative by contrasting the fact to positives. This device inclines the audience to fix this one negative fast;
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He includes a quote by the National Conference of State Legislatures that says, “Young people do not understand the ideals of citizenship…and their appreciation and support of American democracy is limited.” Gioia uses a propaganda technique called glittering generalities. The intangible words of democracy, citizenship, and American are used to appeal to the American population causing them to feel certain emotions. These words make the audience want to start reading to understand citizenship and support American democracy. In paragraph 8, he provides another statistic about how people who read are more involved in their community. Charity work, visiting a museum, or attending sporting event seem like “good” or “likable” things to do, so it creates an image that people who read are “good” people. People will want to better themselves to become involved citizens, so this persuades them to read

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