Chemical bonding

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  • Compound X Is A White Powder Observation Essay

    1. Observation. - Compound X is a white powder. It is a solid. 2. Questions. - What is compound X? - What will happen when compound X is heated and reacted with C20H14O4 (phenolphthalein – an acid-base indicator)? (1) - How does compound X react with C20H14O4 (phenolphthalein)? (2) - How does compound X react with water? (3) - How does compound X react with hydro chloric acid (HCL)? (4) 3. Predictions. - Compound X is calcium carbonate (CaCO3). - (1) When compound X is heated and reacted with…

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  • Magnesium Chloride Hydrate Lab Report

    Tyler White CHEM151LL 13851 07/18/2017 Mole to Mole relationship and Empirical formula of a Hydrate Purpose: The purpose of this lab experiment is to determine the molar ratio between substances, and to write chemical equations. The second experiment is to determine the ratio of water in copper, and magnesium, which is obtained through burning the vapor using the Bunsen burner. Materials: Because the experiments were conducted online there wasn’t any use of materials, only digital ones, for…

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  • Step 2-Synthesis Essay

    Step 1 - Synthesis A mixture of compressed CO2 and ammonia under 240 bar (g) pressure is reacted to form ammonium carbamate. This is an exothermic reaction, and heat is absorbed by a boiler to produce steam. The first reactor achieves 78% conversion of the carbon dioxide to urea and the liquid is then furthurly purified. Then, the second reactor receives the gas from the first reactor and recycles the solution. Conversion of carbon dioxide to urea is approximately 60% at a pressure of 50 bar…

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  • Measurement Of Glutathione Essay

    Measurement of glutathione Glutathione (GSH) is a ubiquitous tripeptide which serves several vital functions including detoxifying electrophiles, scavenging free radicals and providing a reservoir for cysteine. The sulfhydryl group of GSH reduces 5-5'-dithiobis (2-nitrobenzoic acid) (DTNB) and form the yellow colour product 5-thio-2-nitrobenzoic acid (TNB)21. Measurement of the absorbance of TNB at 412 nm provides an accurate estimation of GSH in the sample. Figure 7. Materials 5×105 cells/mL…

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  • Chemical Equilibria Lab Report

    Danika Ng CHEM 1252 L Exp 12: Thermodynamic Analysis of Chemical Equilibria INTRODUCTION The reaction being done with borax and HCl is an acid base reaction. The K constant expression of the reaction is Kc = [Na^+][B4O7^-2]. A titration is needed for this experiment because when a strong acid with a known concentration is added to a weak base, the unknown concentration of the weak base can be found, which can then find the moles of the weak base, which can then find the Kc. The first law of…

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  • Krebs Cycle Metabolism

    III )Krebs cycle The Krebs cycle consists of five major points . There is in firstly the general overwiew of cellular respiration and in secondly mitochondrie structure then Acetyl-Coa wich contains Production and possible fates then Krebs Cycle wich contains reactions and regulation and finally Glyoxylate cycle. For the general overwiew of cellular respiration we will talk about cellular respiration. Cellular respiration is an aerobic phase of catabolism in which organic fuel molecule are…

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  • Isoprenaline Hydrochloride Concentration Lab Report

    Determination of Isoprenaline Hydrochloride Concentration Using Ultra Violet/ Visible Spectroscopy and Quantification of Sodium and Potassium Using Flame Spectroscopy Introduction In UV/VIS (ultraviolet-visible light) spectroscopy, light absorption as a function of various wavelengths gives data about electronic transitions within a solution [1]. The electronic transitions involve exciting an electron from one principle quantum state to another by the absorption of energy [2]. A change in…

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  • Temperature Lab Report

    1 WRITTEN ESSAY Paragraph 1 The FePO4 crystal is examined at various temperatures ranging between 294K and 1073K by neutron powder diffraction. At relatively low temperatures, FePO4 adopts an α-quartz structure, which is tetrahedral. High pressures causes a phase change to a more dense octahedral structure, which is known as β-phase. The transition temperature is 980K. Cutoffs can be observed during the firstorder transition,. For α-phase, the increases in cell parameters…

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  • Amylase Lab

    Amylase Laboratory Report Introduction: Enzymes are a catalytic protein in a quaternary structure, that helps with the acceleration of molecules called substrates to achieve its desired chemical reaction. In this lab we used a specific enzyme called amylase. According to the lab manual, amylase is an enzyme found in one’s saliva or the pancreas to accelerate metabolism and cause a spontaneous reaction that helps with digestion of a substrate called starch. In order for any polymer such as…

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  • Influence Of Enzyme Thermostability

    Lipases from thermophiles are expected to play a significant role in industrial processes, since they are thermostable and resistant to chemical denaturation. Thermostable lipases are employed in various industries which includes food and diary, fat and oil modification, detergent, cosmetic, pharmaceuticals, organic synthesis, oleo-chemical and biodiesel production. The high potential of lipase application in various industries has resulted in increasing demands for new lipase which is…

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