JP Morgan Chase Case Study

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Introduction I chose the national bank JP Morgan Chase. The reason I chose this global company is because I wanted to research a topic that was a part of my major. I want to major in finance and possibly accounting then one day go into banking so I saw it fitting that I chose this company. “JPMorgan Chase & Co. is one of the oldest, largest and best-known financial institutions in the world.” (JP Morgan Chase 2016). This company goes all the way back to 1799. JP Morgan Chase operates in over 100 countries around the world. This company has assets of 2.4 trillion and has 235,000 employees around the world. With this being said I want to research how this company communicates throughout the business being such a large company that is all …show more content…
Making sure that all the banks are communicating together to make sure that they are all being run to the same high level of performance is important. Another important part of their business is how they train their employees. After doing a little bit of research on the company I found out that the way this company trains their employees is very important to them. They make sure all their employees follow the same set of values of customer service.
Communication to Employees When doing my research about how the company communicates to its employees I found JP Morgan Chases’ Effective participant communications plan. Here is a quote to summarize what this plan is all about. “Even the soundest investments are unlikely to meet your objectives unless employees participate and are properly educated.” (Effective participant communication plan 2016). The Vice President of JP Morgan Chase came up with a Communication and Training plan. The vice president had certain objectives for this training course. One of the objectives is to learnt the best components of a best practice communication strategy. Another important objective of this plan is to learn how effective integral communication and training can insure the success of
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They are a dedicated intranet website, dedicated email, site or departmental coordinators, and SDOL & Pathway Net. These are what will help the company communicate to their customers successfully. Here are what SDOL’s and Pathway Nets can offer. “SDOL’s offer e-mail communications to supervisors and/or cardholders, which can be scheduled or sent as a one-time communication.” (Smith 2007). Pathway Nets offer homepage communications. Another good communication method is cardholder reference guides. These can be very beneficial. It can serve as a desktop reference to give cardholders direction on routine program information. A dedicated intranet website can always be helpful. Make sure it focuses the marketing of you program, have an impressionable front page, use language that is easy to follow, make sure all the links that you include are work, make sure you give a human contact point, and make sure to keep it up to date. Some other things they include in their intranet website are policies and procedures, ordering card, audit process, metrics, and program forms and quick

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