The Six Characteristics Of Wells Fargo's Culture

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Wells Fargo is a multinational bank holding company that possesses the six characteristics of John Swales’ discourse community concept. It has a common public goal to satisfy its clients’ financial needs by providing various kinds of financial services to them. Their financial services ranging from consumer banking, corporate banking, auto lender, foreign currency exchange to investment banking and wealth management, are all available under one company. As a multinational corporation, it also has its own mechanism for intercommunication between members. It includes emails, telecommunication, and meetings to deliver information among members. News and banking related updates are also published in banking journals that most of the members in …show more content…
The basic idea of this culture is to operate with the mindset of delivering best experience to their customers. They want their members to imagine themselves as the customers, and treat those customers like they would want people to treat them as customers. Standing in the shoes of customer, not only did the team need to recognize the needs of the customers, but as stresses by J.Stumpf, Wells Fargo’s CEO, to maintain a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship with the customers (as cited in Wells Fargo-CEO interview, …show more content…
They trained and provide support for people in the team because they believe that even though living in a high technology era, machine and technologies still can’t replace the people who execute strategies. Second, “Honesty, trust and integrity” are necessity for financial institution to survive in long term. They conform to the highest ethical standard for the stakeholders and these values are portrait through decision-making, execution, and maintaining relationship. Third, as a customer focused business, they aim to develop personal and life-long relationship with the customers by providing the very best for each of them based on their best interest. Fourth, integrating diversity into their business models can ensure attraction and retention of teams with best quality. Diversity expands the skill set of the team and thus puts everyone in the team at a competitive advantage. Lastly, everyone in the team is a leader because they share responsibilities and opportunities together. Members with leadership qualities know how to perform well and provide the best for their

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