We Are Market Basket Summary

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We are Market Basket by Daniel Korschun and Grant Welker tells the story of how a solidified company culture set the base for employees and customers to bring back a CEO through protests and determinization. We are Market Basket brought new insight to the factors that allowed for this historical outcome to happen. Although I lived close to where this happened, I only knew that after some time the protesters won and Arthur T. become the CEO again. The proximity to where the protested occurred sparked my interest. I knew about the company and location so I was able to connect the book more than if it was located somewhere else. Now analyzing this through a different perspective, I can learn more about the business side. For example, I learned more about the power of the people, how many people it affected, and the importance of a strong company culture.
After reading this book, I realized how much power the people have, especially when they band together to achieve a common goal. I think we sometimes tend to overlook the power we have as consumers. Speaking out and protesting can have various levels of impact. The Market Basket protests were successful because, employees as
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I understood how important a great company culture is to a company. If there was not a sense of purpose to the customers, then the customers may have felt less obligated to fight for Arthur T. I also understood that company’s decisions can have impact on many people, from customers and employees, to produce distributor and local economies. A company is nothing without its customers. One way to build a strong relationship is by having the customers interest as the company's priority. Market basket proved that they can do this all the while make a profit. This incident will hopefully show other companies that they can also do this by changing company culture to focus more on the people

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