Crucial Calculation

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Crucial Calculation

A statement by Marzano (N.D.) says, “Students are encouraged to study to get good grades.” At first, it seems difficult to imagine and picture out the conclusion of grades encourage students to learn more academically. Studying helps the students to get good grades. However, grades have also several functions on the students, they have a system and they use several criteria to check the progress to motivate the students to learn more. Because of this, students strive hard to get a higher and better grade. Although grades cause anxiety and pressure, they can’t be eliminated.

First, grades have imposed an unfair standard in measuring the intelligence of the students because they only measure a part of their capabilities.
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Grades should pressure students because it challenges students to work harder on their studies. In fact, academic pressure in inevitable. According to Sinclair (2014), “It provides alertness, focus, strength, stamina and motivation for academic success.” It states that having pressure on students will help them to focus on their studies, which gives motivation to theirselves. Nonetheless, grades should not pressure students because this will impede learning. Some students feel too much pressure to achieve their goal in academics. Some students also give up on their extra curricular activities and sports to focus more on their studies. Grades should not pressure students because students have little time to relax they forget how to rest; thus, their health and happiness are suffering. In other words, pressured students are physically and mentally unhealthy. Their health are in risk of danger, just because they are worried on what grade they will get. Pressured students usually have no assurance if they will pass the subject or not, because honestly, some pressured students did not learn anything because they are forced to study just to get the grade that they want. It’s either “passing grade” or “high grade”. Their only goal is not to fail. As I have said, the student’s potential hides in their subconscious, which is why a dense environment may subject them, to learn in their consciousness, …show more content…
Grade anxiety causes students to be more nervous and feel uneasy on or during their test or exams, it may be uncomfortable to the students but this is how they really feel. According to Stern (2013), “Having an anxiety to perform academically may lead to excessive anxiety, eating disorders or worry behaviors such as lying, cheating and burnout”. He concluded that anxiety has a negative impact on students. On the other hand, having anxiety is also important because it can have a positive effect in the student’s performance that can lead to higher grades. It is important not to have too much discomfort because too much worry may lead to depression. According to Dean (2014), a study has found that “People who have good memories and who get anxious do better in exams”. However, Grades should not make the student anxious because their grades largely depend on their performance in the subject. According to Weimer (2012), In her exact words, “The students said that 61% of the grade should be based on performance and 39% on effort. Grades have been thought of as measures of performance. If students cannot master their exams, paper, projects or performance, then they have not mastered the material”. If I were to ask, I would agree to her 1st sentence which is “61% of the grade should be based on performance and 39% on effort” because even though there are students who are not that good in

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