Creative Writing: Fake A Cake

Once upon a time in an ocean far away, there lived a cookie cutter shark named Cookie and her best friend, Fishy. They were the best of friends; they did everything together. One day while playing outside, Cookie had an idea. “Hey Fishy,” Cookie said, “How about we bake a cake?”
“Okay, that sounds like a lot of fun,” Fishy replied. “Have you ever baked one?”
“No, but I know where to start!” said Cookie. “Let’s go to my kitchen!”
“Okay!” So the two friends swam to Cookies house, both of them eager to start baking. However, when they arrived at Cookies house they encountered a slight problem: neither of them knew what to do to start baking a cake! How were they going to bake a cake if they didn’t know where to start? “Oh no, what are we going to do?” Cookie groaned, “Neither of
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We need to work together and bake a new cake!”.
“You’re right” Fishy sighed. “Let’s start right away!”
“Yeah,” Cookie replied. “If we work together we can finish another cake before the day ends!”
And so they began to make another cake. They got out all the ingredients, went to Mr.Jellyfish’s house again to get more eggs, and mixed all of the ingredients together. Then they poured the batter into a pan and put the pan into the oven. When the cake was finally done, they both gripped it tightly as they carefully moved it towards the table so they could decorate it. When the cake was safely on the table, they brought out the icing. “It’s time to decorate!” they both cheered. The two friends put the icing on the cake. They were finally finished! “Yay! We finally finished baking a cake! Now we can eat it!” Cookie exclaimed.
“Let’s invite Mr.Jellyfish over to thank him for the eggs” said Fishy.
So they walked over to Mr.Jellyfish’s house and invited him over. Once the three of them were all comfortably situated at the table, they cut the cake and ate it. It was delicious, proving that working together and baking with friends makes everything taste

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