Breakfast Club Stereotypes

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The Breakfast Club
This movie is about a day of Saturday detention and group of teenagers fitting in your typical high school stereotypes. It was brilliantly written with teenagers in mind. They could identify with each character and their portrayed stereo type. They all had at least one thing in common and that was that they didn’t get along with their parents. This is realistic for who really got or gets along with their parents in high school. You are in the process of finding yourself and your parents are trying to lead you in the direction they want you to go or be. The characters are made up of the common stereotypes a brain, athlete (jock), basket case, princess and criminal. It takes place on campus in what appears to be the high school media center/library. The person overseeing this all day on campus detention is an aging teacher now principal that has a chip on his shoulder and doesn’t hesitate to show it.
Implications of Milgram’s study (obedience)
Andy, ‘the Athlete’ was in detention for preying on a skinny, weak boy who was undressing in the locker room in efforts to fulfill his father’s constant prodding of showing others that he was the not weak. He saw
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Brian as if they all will still be friends when they walk out the door at the end of detention. They have spent eight hours together; forging through their personal fears, learned that they didn’t want to become or act like their parents. They shared their insecurities, home life, stood by each and had even smoked marijuana together. Yet, they were all fighting the truth that they all knew wasn’t right but would happen. When they did encountered each other on Monday or in the future they would not be friends. They would return to their social roles and establish friends and

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