Cake Is His Art By Adam Lipptak Analysis

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Summary of “Cake is His ‘Art’, So Can He Deny One to a Gay Couple?”

The article “Cake is His ‘Art’, So Can He Deny One to a Gay Couple?”, written by Adam Liptak and published by The New York Times, introduces a problem between religious belief and the sex orientation. On July 2012, a gay couple, David Mullins and Charlie Craig, visited Masterpiece Cakes, located in Lakewood, Colorado, to order a cake for their upcoming wedding. A Christian baker, Jack Phillips, refused to make a wedding cake for the same-sex couple due to his religious belief. The problem faced in this case would be that they both have their First Amendment rights. The main controversy calls in the question of, finding a balance point between discrimination of sexual orientation
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The decision of the Supreme Court will have a far-reaching impact on future cases. For the LGBT community, there are concerns that if the Supreme Court’s judgement sides with Mr. Phillips and makes the judgement that the bakery has the speech right protected, it would create legal discrimination based on a claim of religious beliefs (Roberts) which would “would amount to a broad mandate for discrimination” (Liptak). On the contrary, if the Supreme Court is in favor of the gay couple, then the discriminated people might have a better feeling of being protected by the law. Also, people in businesses, in fear of being accused, will pay more attention to their speeches and stop the inappropriate action of giving discrimination to their customers. In that way, the minority groups can be treated fairly and feel respected. However, it could cause problems against people with religious beliefs as it might affect them in a way that they are forced to work on something that they do not believe in. It also shows that their religious beliefs are less …show more content…
People should treat other people equally no matter what gender they are. They should not feel discriminated in any way. Even though Phillips is standing up to his Christian belief, the fact that he declined to make a wedding cake for the same-sex couple is not right. The store policy Phillips created about refusing to make a wedding cake for same-sex couples shows discrimination towards the LGBT community and should be removed by any means. An advancement to the Supreme Court isn’t necessary as Phillips has discriminated not just a wedding couple but to a whole community. In addition, Phillips did make a slight flaw which could be found in his own belief. If he was a true Christian, he should follow his God by viewing everyone equally which can be found in the Bible (Romans 2:11) stating, “For God shows no partiality”. This shows that as a Christian, he should view everyone equal with no exception. Even though he used his own religious belief to protect his First Amendment Rights, it also pinpointed his flaws as well which is his discrimination against the gay couple. Freedom of expression is of great importance because lots of creation are produced in various forms, carrying the creators’ opinions. People are given the right to freely express their opinions, but those opinions should not contain

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