An Analysis Of Janie's Husbands In 'Their Eyes Were Watching God'

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Throughout “Their Eyes Were Watching God”, all Janie wanted to do was explore, have fun, and be her true young self. From when she was 15, she got shipped off with a man she didn’t want to be with. Left him for another guy in a new town. Then yet again left him for another man that takes her somewhere else. Every marriage, Janie was searching and pursuing for her true happiness. Each man Janie was with throughout the book said they wanted the best for Janie and would be a kind, loving husband to her. But were they? Each of Janie 's husbands, affected her and changed her life path in separate ways. Logan Killicks and his big belly and toe nails that look like mule feet, was a provider for Janie. A great one at that. But Janie wasn’t looking …show more content…
Jody, Janie’s new husband, was a very driven man and wanted the best for the town he set out to change. Janie loved Jody and supported him with whatever he did. Janie thought the undertaking of creating a store and running it was a little crazy to say the least. She would spend most of her days inside the store from here on out. Janie loved Joe and thought this is what she wanted to do with her life. But Joe became more into his work with the town and spent less time with her. She became frustrated. “A woman stay round uh store till she gets old as Methuselah and still can’t cut a little thing like a plug of tobacco”(78). A normal day in the store turns into a fight between husband and wife. Joe calls Janie an old woman after she can’t cut a piece of tobacco correctly. Janie knows working in the store isn’t what she wants to do as long as her husband doesn 't respect her, so she gets into this argument. “When you pull down yo’ britches, you look lak de change uh life”(79). Janie was hit by Joe shortly after this. He felt embarrassed by his wife talking back to him in such a way. He feels shunned by his own wife and starts to roam away from her. Jody becomes isolated and doesn’t talk to Janie much anymore. Janie feels responsible and tries to fix this even though freedom is what she wants. Soon enough, Joe Starks, the once love of Janie’s life, passes away. Janie feels the urge …show more content…
One day, working alone, a tall man walked into the store. “At five thirty a tall man came into the place...She knew she didn’t know his name, but he looked familiar”(94). Tea Cake was his name Janie later found out. Tea Cake was slick with his words and actions. Janie didn’t know if it was her isolation feeling, or if she was intrigued by this man. They spent most of their days and nights together for a couple weeks. Janie, talking with Pheoby, brings up the idea of selling the store and going off to get married with Tea Cake. Soon enough, the smooth talking Tea Cake is married to Janie. She had a scare after they arrived in Jacksonville though. The cash money from the store, she stored in her dress was no longer there when she woke up one morning. She trashed the room looking for this money, but she knew he took it. Waiting all day and still no Tea Cake. She remembered stories of young men marrying then taking their money and leaving. She felt disbelief for Tea Cake to do this. Was it another bad decision in husbands? Near dark Janie hears something near the door. “Tea Cake, is dat you?... You know so well it’s me, Janie. How come you don’t open de door”(120). Janie knew, right then and there, Tea Cake would bring her happiness. He had a plan to go to “de muck” and work to make a living. Janie was all game wherever Tea Cake went. The beginning of this new life in

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