Their Eyes Were Watching God Critical Analysis

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All around the world there have been many cases of sexual and physical abuse against women. Such is the case in “Bluest eye” by Toni Morrison and the movie “Their Eyes were Watching God” by Zora Neale Hurston. Likewise, in Natacha Clerge contemporary review that shares a similar perspective. In all three works there is a horrible turn of events that leads to desperate measures.
The two main characters from “Bluest eye” and “Their Eyes were Watching God” have a very difficult life that’s full of different emotions. In the “Bluest eye” a young girl and insecure of her physical features, Paula, constantly gets reminded of how “ugly” she is. She gets bullied, ignored, and her mother, Pauline an isolated, and insecure, calls her a “nasty little
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Paula, from “Bluest eye” one day is washing the dishes. Her father, Cholly was abandoned by his parents, and then later his aunt who raised him died when he was a teenager, he has a crazy and embarrassing life. He finds Paula while she’s washing the dishes and brutally rapes her. Later when her mother finds her unconscious, she doesn’t believe her and ends up beating her. Paula ends up getting pregnant. Like Paula, Janie also experienced physical abuse. She had enough of being Jody’s little puppet wife and she confronts him in front of the towns people. Out of anger Jody savagely beats her. Their marriage broke down and she is happy once more. She goes out with different men, but when she meets Tea Cake, she immediately feels a spark of mutual attraction. She dates him and then marries him nine months later after Jody’s death. They move to the everglades and a hurricane hits. As they flee Tea gets bitten by a rabid dog. Tea goes crazy because of the bite and then starts accusing Janie for cheating and starts shooting at her with a pistol. In the heat of the moment and the need to protect herself, she takes the pistol and kills Tea. She did what she had to do to protect herself, unlike Tania from the article” Violence against women and the AIDS epidemic in Haiti” by Natacha Clerge. She says 'I have sustained violence in all shapes and forms during the six years of my life with him

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