Pharmaceuticals In Chemistry

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Pharmaceuticals are medicals drugs that are used or sold. When dealing with pharmaceuticals you have to deal with mixing substances together, knowing how much to put in every dosage, acids and bases, matter, chemical and physical properties, and etc. Pharmaceuticals are made of elements that are apart of the periodic table. That happens when combining two or more elements together causing a chemicals reaction. Also in chemistry is a law called the Law of Conservation of Matter which is used to determine chemical composition in compounds and chemical reactions. To determine this you would need to use a process called stoichiometry.
(SC1) Pharmaceuticals is the production, engineering, and manufacture of medicines and drugs likewise this is
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Atomic theory is the idea that all matter is made up of little units called atoms at can not be created or destroyed. Due to the understanding of atomic structure and anatomy of an atom the medical field knowledge has grown at a fast rate, subatomic particles are now used in diagnosis and treatment. Each medication has a makeup of atoms combined together to form a substance used to treat the body. Without each characteristic the desired compound couldn’t be formed accurately, knowing the number of protons, electrons, and neutron count along with the mass plays an important role in mixing two or more element to create a single …show more content…
It’s more than hearing a parent or guardian say “take your medicine”. Varies things such as mixing substances, accurately combining, knowing correct calculations, chemical and physical properties along with the acid or base concentration go into the creation of these drugs. Form the elements of the periodic table Pharmaceuticals are made which cause chemical reaction (determined by The Law of Conservations of Matter) to occur inside the body either helping or hurting a certain problem. To the process called stoichiometry concentration of each element needed is found to calculate the exact amount to form the certain drug. Without any of these factors being used, the drugs we use each and every day such as Tylenol and Calcium wouldn 't be available. Our lives as we know them today would be completely different if pharmaceuticals were not available to simply ease the pain or to rebuild the

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