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  • Hebrew Old Testament: A Comparative Analysis

    The Bible as we have today as found in the Greek New Testament (NA-28) and the Hebrew Old Testament are authentic to the original autographs as possible. Each of these published manuscripts have a unique history and verification along the way. The Hebrew Old Testament was written in Biblical Hebrew which is different from modern Hebrew. According to Josh McDowell, the Masoretic scribes from the 500-900 CE had the copying with exact precision down to the letters on a page. Scribes could not copy…

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  • Old Testament And God's Relationship Analysis

    There is a tendency in popular discourse to speak about God, from the New Testament, as a merciful and kind figure. With The Old Testament, however, God is represented very differently. Throughout many moments in the Bible, God is merciful and kind, while in others, he is hot-tempered, impulsive, and cruel. These drastically different representations of God in the Old Testament are especially evident in the relationships between God and his prophets. In Adam’s story in Genesis, God’s…

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  • Essay On The Character Of God In The Old Testament

    Survey of O.T. 14 November, 2015 Character Essay The Character of God in the Old Testament Indescribable, yet so lovable God has, is, and will always prove himself as the character of love in any situation life poses. Looking through the text as well as knowing the Old Testament I am under the complete understanding that God is Love no matter the case and no matter what mistakes people make, God is still Love. In the Old Testament Psalm 117:2 states, “For His merciful kindness is great toward…

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  • The Old Testament: Key Events Of Genesis

    The Old Testament is old, right? And the order of it is pretty dang important, so that’s what I 'm talking about. And it goes like this. So first as you would think, we are going to start with the key events of Genesis and so on, So first off God created all the things, on the first day God created The heavens and the earth and light and darkness. On the second day God created the sky. On the third day God created dry land, the sea, and also vegetation, so like plants and seeds and stuff. On the…

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  • Disobedience In The Old Testament

    Disobedience is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as, “not doing what someone or something that authority tells you to do: refusing or failing to obey rules, laws, etc.” In the Old Testament there seems to be countless stories of kings, God’s people, and specific characters that practice the art of disobedience- when they are called to obey. Their disobedient nature causes pain, agony, and loss. It’s safe to say that the act of being disobedient has been around since the creation of man. If we…

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  • Marriage In The Old Testament

    are my God; may your good Spirit lead me on level ground.” In the Old Testament there are numerous marriages that are engaged in, but none were exclusively shown in regard to seeking God’s will regarding marriage. I believe that because God’s will isn’t sought after many marriages in the Old Testament do not first have love. Introduction The concept of my paper will show that marriage did not equate to love in the Old Testament because many marriages were entered into outside of God’s…

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  • Old Testament Prophecy In The New Testament

    The Interpretation of Old Testament Prophecy in the New Testament Ever since the beginning of Christianity, there has been the age-old debate between some Christian scholars concerning the interpretation of the Old Testament (OT) prophecy in the New Testament (NT), and whether or not such interpretation is valid. Perhaps, such disagreement might be the reason for the various sects of Christianity and why some of the Jewish faith still holds true to the OT belief system. Notwithstanding, one fact…

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  • Obedience In The Old Testament

    In the Old Testament, a theme that is widely reflected between people and God is obedience. The relationships found throughout Old Testament were based on people’s obedience towards God’s instruction; probably making it one of the most important relational aspect. According to International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, obedience is defined as, “the supreme test of faith in God and reverence for him” (Obedience). God uses many prominent people in the Old Testament who obey and listen to what he…

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  • Righteousness In The Old Testament

    Righteousness in the Old Testament The concept of the “righteous man lives by faith” can be read in Habakkuk 2:4 and in Romans 1:17 by Paul; which forms the key in Paul’s theological discussion in both the book of Romans and Galatians (Guthrie , 1981, p. 498). How Paul interpreted this passages would, in the view of Donald Guthrie (1981, p. 498), put forward that there is a strong influence of the Hebraic idea that the righteous man is one who God accepts; Paul however extends this to see its…

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  • Rituals In The Old Testament

    Forbidden Rituals The Old Testament provided certain instructions with regards to death and burial rituals which would suggest the start of Israelite tradition. The Old Testament set out prompt burial as norm for Israel (Deut 21:22-23) unless a Sabbath or feast day was involved. Moreover, contact with the dead rendered a person ceremonially unclean and therefore a period of ritual cleansing was required immediately after the burial. The cultural practices of mourning, lamenting and tearing of…

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