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  • Funeral And Death Rituals In The Old Testament

    exploring its Biblical perception that is, as told in the Old and New Testaments, the writings of Ellen G, White, and then explored the official stand of some Faith Groups such as Protestant Churches, Roman Catholics, and Evangelicals. FUNERAL AND DEATH RITUALS IN THE BIBLE Death and funeral rituals practiced in the Old Testament are similar to ones practiced in the New Testament in many ways. One important point that the Old Testament did not stress as much was the belief in the…

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  • The Old Testament Passages Of The Day Of Pentecost

    might have been discussing Old Testament Passages that described the feast of Pentecost. Scriptures like Lev. 23: 15-16 or maybe they were saying Psalm 133, “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity” (The Old Testament). We will explore Acts 2:1-47 to really see through Luke’s eyes how every…

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  • Job's Out Of Job In The Old Testament

    Out of Job’s namesake book in the Old Testament comes a familiar story that is known for the grueling trials of one of God’s most devout servants. Job appears to be spared from no form of suffering; his children are slaughtered, his fortune dissipates, and his community ostracizes him. The man who earned his fame from pious actions and abiding by God’s word seems to have been paradoxically abandoned by his maker, initializing a deep agitation in Job’s previously secure philosophy. Although these…

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  • The Moral Complications Of Divine Favoritism In The Old Testament

    analyzing the moral implications of divine favoritism, one should ask how is it defined? The word “favoritism” is not used directly in the Old Testament, instead “favor” is used, which alludes to a differentiation between humanistic and divine ideologies of favor. When God favors man, he essentially is utilizing him to convey a larger message to humankind. The Old Testament takes a varying stance on the justification of divine favoritism; moreover, there are cases when God favors man because of…

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  • Violence In Gilgamesh

    incidents occurred in both Gilgamesh and the Old Testament and were used several times throughout the texts. Both of these books illustrate violence, and this violence is in the story for a reason. Violence in both of the books have meaning, or a point behind why the violence was happening. Even pointless violence, which happened in both books, at the end had a point or a lesson to be learned from the violence. Also, in both Gilgamesh and the Old Testament the violence can be justified at times…

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  • The Messiah: The Problem Of The Messiah

    think that as long as people are practicing religion people are also arguing its validity in the same right. The Old Testament bible referred to by christians is actually the jewish Torah. The original religion was judaism. Only with Jesus Christ (King of the Jews) was there a branch off from the jewish religion to what are now called Christians. The argument between Judaism is a dispute as old as time. Being that the two religions are so similar and have half of the same religious texts, it can…

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  • The Role Of Religion In The Handmaid's Tale By Margaret Atwood

    was renamed the Republic of Gilead, resulting with new laws derived from the bible which deprived many Gileadean citizens from their rights. Throughout the novel distorted biblical allusions and christian ideology are utilized from within the Old Testament in order for the patriarchal regime to show efficiency towards citizens. Moreover,…

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  • Similarities Between The Old Testament And The Epic Of Gilgamesh

    maybe that the story is considered unique to the Old Testament. However, what if I told you that the story of a global flood is not unique to the Old Testament, but it is in fact a story told in many different cultures. This is the case with the Old Testament, and the ancient Mesopotamian story the Epic of Gilgamesh. Although the two stories share many similarities, the flood stories in both piece of literature are not the exact same. In the Old Testament the nature of God is loving, he is…

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  • Gospel Of Mark Immature Analysis

    The most effective methodologies to interpret the Bible To understand the Bible from a scholarly perspective is to be skeptical and make good judgments based on the evidences that are given. An academic scholar of the Bible must be able to apply various research techniques, use analytic skills, and have high theological knowledge to correctly interpret the Bible. In doing so, this allows the scholar to appropriately criticize and determine the significance and implications of many of the…

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  • Davidic Covenant In Luke-Acts Summary

    Thomas In the first of St. Thomas’ inaugural lectures, “This is the book”, he notes that Scripture is a document meant to teach, delight, and change souls. Next, he breaks up the book into two subcategories. One for the Old Testament explaining law, another for the New Testament explaining grace. He further develops distinctions of the books contained within the two parts. The second section of his inaugural lecture, “Watering the Hills”, discusses the height of the sacred doctrine contained…

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