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  • Old Testament Church

    For this assignment, I have been studying the main purpose of the church, the new testament and modern day church, the church’s relationship to the kingdom, and the roles the church plays in present…

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  • Polygamy In The Old Testament

    polygamy. Solomon was one of the many Old Testaments characters having had more than one wife, nevertheless, the addition of a third person does not fit God’s original model of marriage. It is course true that it was a worldly custom, in patriarchal times, and in the days of the Kingdom of Israel, for kings and wealthy men to take plural wives. A harem was one of the symbols of royalty. But God prohibited polygamy for the kings of Israel. God’s law in the Old Testament, Deuteronomy 17:14, 17…

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  • Why We Should Read The Old Testament

    I used to not read the old testament, and would consider the bible as valuable and I used to also believe in all its originality, but the Old Testament was a bit painful to read in my opinion, and that only the importance of the bible was only going to be found in the New Testament. Now I know that the Old Testament can be, in moments, the most difficult to comprehend than the New Testament, but at the same time there are some things that are extremely important in there. I know for the most…

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  • Disobedience And Oppression According To The Old Testament Of Time

    The grace of God is evidenced through the prophetic proclamation of the Old Testament prophets, who repeatedly spoke of the coming of Christ. Therefore, the fullness of time spoken of in Galatians 4:4 harmonizes with the proclamations as divinely inspired by the Spirit of God. Providentially, man had proven that he was unable to…

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  • Prophets In The Old Testament Essay

    The prophets in the Old Testament were people who profoundly understood the relationship between God and His people through the Covenant. They were touched with the Holy Spirit (Num 11:29, Num 27:18) so that they could provide counseling and guidance to God’s people in the Old Testament, until the pouring out of the Holy Spirit after the cross (Joel 2:28) when each of us is a prophet. In other words, each of us has within us, the ability to understand what is expected of us, and how to “get…

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  • Justice In The Old Testament Analysis

    of who God is and what are the emotions of God in the face of injustice. Justice as it relates to New and Old Testament is quite different and controversial when closely studied. In Old Testament justice is seen as if, wrong is done to you in order to get justice you the victim have to get even and do likewise to the perpetrator what was done to you, on the other hand, in the New Testament justice is if one does wrong to you, you as an individual should be able to either forgive that person and…

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  • Book Analysis: Old Testament Exegetical Commentary Of Ruth

    LIBERTY UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF DIVINITY Old Testament Exegetical Commentary of Ruth Submitted to Dr. Gary Schnittjer in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the completion of OBST 515-B08 LUO Old Testament Orientation by Dianna L. Domek September 26, 2017 Introduction Historical Background Prevailing Conditions Main Characters Major Argument Major Themes Exegetical Outline 1. Moab, and the Journey to Bethlehem: 1:1-18 1. Naomi Widowed: 1:1-5 2. Return to Bethlehem: 1:6-14 3.…

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  • Abraham In The Old Testament Analysis

    life is an extension of this and a story of great faith told in narrative form to inspire, teach and instruct future generations of God’s faithfulness and the importance of human obedience. Them For those reading and studying the scriptures in Old Testament times before the birth of Christ the life of Abraham would have been a key teaching in obedience and faith.…

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  • Bible Study Old Testament

    “meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful” (Josh 1:8). Though emphasis on Bible study has fluctuated throughout history, it remains as essential today as in Old Testament times. Summarise your original understanding of the discipline before the course started Throughout my upbringing my parents impressed upon me the…

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  • The Misinterpretation Of God In The Old And New Testament

    “Why is God so different in the Old Testament than He is in the New Testament?” A question that is asked by many who have the misconception that the God found in the Old Testament is a God of wrath while the New Testament portrays a God of love. At the root of this misconception is a misunderstanding of Scripture and the portrayal of God in both the Old and New Testaments. While the revelations found in actions of God in the Old and New Testaments may seem to contradict each other at face…

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