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  • Old Testament Theme Of Hope Essay

    Introduction I am looking at the theme of hope in the main events of the Old Testament I am presenting this to the youth of our church with the hope that they understand what it was to have hope back in the Old Testament times Body God created the world so that they Being Adam and Eve could enjoy the world. They would be the possible future of the world. God wanted them to live in peace and to shear the world with them . In the fall they were tempted by the serpent. They sinned and God…

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  • Hamilton's Diction In Relation To The Old Testament

    The book is a great tool to really take a grasp of what Biblical theology is because of the fact of the simple reading it has. It really breaks it down step by step on what it’s talking about and gives you examples to relate to the Old Testament. The diction is really well thought out, not too many big words, but enough to get you into the reading. The time line of the book really doesn’t have a meaning, it goes more by topics the writer wanted to introduce first and goes from there. He also…

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  • Old Testament Principles

    The Old Testament holds principles which, if applied in the life of a believer today, will prove themselves timeless and valuable. Many people tend to elevate the New Testament books above the Old Testament books as if they hold more importance for the believer. Believers that hold to that mindset fail to see that an abounding number of New Testament principles were based upon, if not used directly from the Old Testament. In Genesis 2:21-24 we see that woman was produced by God from the side of…

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  • Christianity In The Old Testament

    Understanding that none of our ancestors, Old or New Testament Prophets, or Angels are more important or powerful than Jesus, helps us stay in alignment with God’s will for our lives, and gives us understanding of Jesus significance. We can learn a lot from our biblical hero’s, but Jesus Christ is the one we are supposed to chase after and strive to be like. This discussion will cover how Jesus is superior to the various important figures of the Old Testament, the tabernacle and covenant…

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  • Dancing In The Old Testament

    that God’s people in the Old Testament danced, so evidently this is allowed by God today in worship, recreation, etc. Is this true? We need to look at things in the Bible in the proper context in order to make the proper application to ourselves today. The things in the Old Testament were written for our learning (Rm. 15:4) but we don’t need to practice everything that those under the old covenant practiced (1 Cor. 10:6, 11). The first occurrence of dancing in the Old Testament comes in the book…

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  • Old Testament Mercies

    destruction, who crowns you with lovingkindness and tender mercies” (Psalm 103:4, NKJV). The Old and New Testaments present the mercies of the God very clearly. However, some read the Old Testament and only see a wrathful vengeful God within its chapters ,even though this is part of who God because of the sin that taints his creation. The Old Testament is not a testament to his wrath and vengeance it is a testament to his mercy. The books of Genesis and Jonah are filled with the mercies of…

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  • Old Testament Kingdom

    in which a king exerts control and authority” (,378). The Old Testament describes “kingdom” in two ways: creation and earthly kingdom. It is considered that everything He created and under controlled is His Kingdom. Basically, the Old Testament is saying that the entire universe, from the littlest to largest things, are His because God has dominion over them. His authority and rule are present among all things. Meanwhile, the Old Testament prepares the believers for the “visible kingdom on…

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  • The Old Testament Analysis

    The old testament of the bible is notoriously marked by the number of deaths it contains. Outside of those who are struck down by God, or who die as a result of various conflicts, there’s a unique description of life and death in Genesis. The long, and rather dry, lineages that are present in Genesis are put in between longer biblical stories and serve as a tool for relating stories together, as well as providing a timeline for the events in Genesis. These lineages are rarely addressed in…

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  • Hope In The Old Testament

    those who are discouraged, despondent, or have no purpose in life” (Towns, 2007). All those that read the Bible are pointed towards Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for the salvation of mankind. The Old Testament provides the foundation of hope for the coming of the birth of Christ and the New Testament fulfills the promises of God and inspires the hope of what is yet to come. Practical Application The practical application of hope is eternal life. “For I know the plans I have for you,…

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  • The Old Testament: The Importance Of New Testament To Christianity

    of studies into the New Testament. New Testament catches many attentions because it describes the birth of the church. As people focus more on the New Testament, Old Testament is shunned away to the degree where most think Old Testament is not important to read. Christians have debated whether Old Testament is needed to be read. Many sound arguments from both sides have been posed over these years. Even so, Old Testament is vital literature needed for Christians. The Old Testament’s importance…

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