Old Testament Analysis

In taking Old Testament with Dr. Jones this semester, I have learned numerous things about God and the Bible as a whole. Though lectures and class discussions, I have learned things that have benefitted me far outside the realms of the class. This semester, Dr. Jones has really challenged us to see how what we are learning in class applies to real life, not merely within the walls of the classroom, and that is something I have taken away. I have come to understand that the Bible is indeed living and breathing, and it makes a huge impact on our lives when we actively seek it out. I have especially gained a greater understanding of the Old Testament as a whole, the attributes of God, God’s Promise Plan and how that is seen all throughout Scripture, …show more content…
I have grown up going to church my entire life, but often times, the Old Testament is neglected being taught and discussed. As a result, I was fearful to read the Old Testament. To me, it seemed like a task too big for me to conquer because I felt I would never be able to understand it. Dr. Jones has helped me to understand that the Old Testament is not some taboo area of the Bible, but is something that is meant to be delved into and understood. The Old Testament is just as applicable to our lives today as anything else, and that is something I have taken away from class. On the first day of class, Dr. Jones stated, “The Bible is a tapestry,” and that theme has been very evident in taking his class. I have learned that the Bible is a beautiful, complicated, and wonderful thing, and it must be pursued. Every aspect of the Bible is delicately woven together, and therefore, we must actively seek out all that is in the Bible. In more concrete terms, I have learned things about the Old Testament that I just did not know before taking this class. I have learned so many of the minute details in the Old Testament. The Bible is very detailed, and every little detail means something. I have learned about several of the little details in the Old Testament such as what the sacrifices look like and what they mean and what certain words mean in Hebrew. I have learned about people as well-known as Abraham, to as unknown as someone as Zelophehad. There is so much of the Old Testament, and really just the Bible as a whole that I do not know. This class has revealed to me my insufficient knowledge of the Word, and has challenged me to go deeper. Through taking Old Testament, I have come to understand that I have barely scratched the surface on what the Bible really contains, and as a result, I am going to dive

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