Old Testament Theme Of Hope Essay

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I am looking at the theme of hope in the main events of the Old Testament I am presenting this to the youth of our church with the hope that they understand what it was to have hope back in the Old Testament times

God created the world so that they Being Adam and Eve could enjoy the world. They would be the possible future of the world. God wanted them to live in peace and to shear the world with them . In the fall they were tempted by the serpent. They sinned and God punished them. He banished them to exile gen 3:23 .

God got Noah to build the boat Noah was a righteous man gen 6:9-10. The hope of the world was in Noah because God saved him and his family and the animals in the ark. This is a picture of the hope that comes
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The hope of Israel is then in David and his descendants. Solomon becomes the next king and builds the temple.

After Solomon the kingdom is split into two. Eventually the people are sent to exile in Persia. The prophets tell remind people God will eventually restore Israel. This is their hope.

It says in how to read the bible book by book that the prophets constantly call Gods people back to divine realities. They belong to God, God does not belong to them; God has called them into being for his purposes of redeeming what was lost in the fall and blessing the nations.

Conclusion All these events have a story of hope where God will restore them. This hope eventually comes in the form of Jesus. The similarity is we all are like everyone in the past. We have hope in the same God. He now gives us hope through Jesus. I liked these questions in the lecture from Andrew. Where am i going? Does my life have a goal? Does my life have an ultimate meaning or am I merely distend for death? My answer is as long as we have God and obey God we do have hope. It says in John 3:16 God so loved the World that he give his one and only son that whoever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life that is hope right

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