The Impact Of Roman And Muslim Empires

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All throughout the existence of humans there have been some sort of order established between each other. There are leaders & followers and that has always been the bases of society. Royalty, Kings, Queens, Presidents, Political Figures, are seen at the head of the wolf pack while regular citizens, peasants, soldiers, etc. have been the establishment of all those great civilizations, the heart and soul with someone leading them into a direction. Whether it may benefit or destroy them. Now in the present we have documented history available to us always, looking back at past kingdoms and civilizations to not repeat what caused their downfalls as sort of a guideline. The Greek, Roman, & Muslim empires being the most prevalent and biggest kingdoms …show more content…
The Muslims Empire was three different empires instead of just one (like the Greeks with their city-states). The Ottoman Empire, The Safavid Dynasty, and the Mughal Empire were all equally as influential as the next. The Ottomans to start off were very much military focused, “In 1453, they captured Constantinople and ended the Byzantine Empire. During the next two centuries, they brought their rule to much of the Middle East, North Africa, and southeastern Europe” (The Muslim …show more content…
Putting high taxes on people without them realizing fully why is when you start getting rebellious citizens being put on welfare because you did everything silently. Also, not to exclude any man or woman from saying what’s on their mind about the government regardless of race or ethnicity. If it’s a public forum everything is out in the open with the high officials being there so they can discuss with the citizens directly. Privacy also needs to be disclosed with them as well since it’s a problem in this era as every passing day looks more like 1984 by George Orwell.
Freedom of Religion is the ideal view of Religion in society. So, the views of government can be diversified, no will be out casted, and for there be less discrimination within the society. The people must learn to respect each other’s views so when the time comes of a dire hour we can all unify without any problems with one another. When you enforce a religion on an empire (a.k.a The Romans) you have people who will see the other religions being practiced as inferior to theirs and the empire’s. Laws are a must to keep things

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