Art Nouveau Vs Art Deco

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Art deco’s elements are applied in the modern popular architecture and furniture

The World War 1 is occurred between the Art Nouveau and the Art Deco. Both of two movements affected by the World War 1. They are two different style. The big difference of them is Art Nouveau is asymmetric while Art Deco is geometric. Both of two movements has affected our architecture and furniture, but for the effectiveness of the modern popular architecture and furniture, the role of Art Deco is bigger than Art Nouveau. It is because we can find out many art deco elements in our modern popular architecture and furniture. For the instance, the architecture’s form is geometric and has the clean lines and most furniture are symmetric.
Art Nouveau starts from
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It has some examples. The first one is the Kennedy-Warren Apartments. The windows usually appear as punctured openings, the shape is square or round. Also, it is to remain a streamlined outlook for the building, it is often arranged in continuous horizontal bands of glass. The wall openings are sometimes filled with decorative glass or with glass blocks, it can create a contrast of solid and void forms while entering daylight. Many giant buildings found aesthetic success with decorative embossed spandrel panels placed below windows. Also, art deco style popularizes in America and finally it become the most important architecture design in 20 century. The empire state building of America is the one of the most representative architecture of art deco. It is a land mark architecture. It established in 1931 and it is the tallest building in the world in 20 century. It can represent church and wealth, even the America economy become better. Many hotels also use the art deco element as the design style. Hotel motana is the One of the famous hotel which apply this design element. In 2000, Pia Schmid, who is the famous architect, he rebuild the hotel and add more art deco details in interior decorations and display. Art deco style also popularize in Shang Hai in 20 century. For example, Shang Hai International hotel, Sassoon House and Jin Jiang Hotel. They are …show more content…
both affect our architecture and furniture, but art deco has much effectiveness than art nouveau towards the modern architecture and furniture. some modern popular architecture and furniture has involved art deco element and it has some reasons behind them. The first reason is the function is much important than other perspectives, so art deco design is much simple, and is better to has a high efficiency to construct buildings. The second reason is about the design is practical, has comprehensive function and the design can let customers feel much convenience. The third reason is it can present the human spirit and power, and prove the technology is innovated. The next one is about art deco represent the simplicity of aesthetic principle, so it almost uses the geometric shapes and straight lines. Also, public and commercial buildings was first applied Art Deco elements in the 1920s. Although individual homes were not commonly designed in the Art Deco style, architects and developers, especially in Greater Washington, DC, found that the art deco style adapted quite well to apartment buildings. Most of these buildings are still in use in nowadays. Everyone have their own preferences, some people like art nouveau, some of them like art deco, two styles do not have

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