Blaxpoitation In Film

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The portrayal of African Americans in the film industry is pretty different from what they were in the past. Compared to our society, the portrayals of African Americans in the past were negative. Since one of Hollywood’s main goals as time progressed was to make films that are more relatable, the films had to follow the specific trend that was going on in that time. Many films followed the lifestyles of individuals living in antebellum South. The only roles available for African Americans in film were roles were slave roles. However as time progressed Hollywood cinema began to embrace African American culture by creating films with a black cast. Hollywood created a genre that supposedly portrayed the lifestlyes of the African American culture. The genre was called Blaxpoitation and it emerged into the film industry between the …show more content…
The actors and filmmakers of these times started to create Blaxpoitation that were essentially spoofs to the previous films premiered. In the film “Im Gonna Git You Sucka” created by Kennan Ivory Wayans in 1988, is an example of how these films took the stereotypical issues and created comedic relief from them. In fact Keenan Wayans and his company always and still produce films with these same elements. In the film, just like SuperFly, the main characters are into conflict with “the Man” or the white superior. They are living in an era where African Americans are being oppressed by the superior. However in this film there is a transformation between the old typical black hero and the new black hero. In the beginning of the Wayan’s film, Slade, the old traditional black hero, was retired from fighting against the white superior due to the time change. However that all changed when Jack Spade pushed him to keep fighting after the killing of his younger

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