Essay On China Globalizing Africa

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China Globalizing Africa: Economic Developers or Exploiters? According to Al Jazeera English, China’s investment Africa has grown 30 times larger over the past decade. China’s interest in Africa embeds itself into economic, cultural and political growth the continent is parched for. Globalization comes with a price for Africa, but can America really point a finger at China for making a smart play in keeping a hand in Africa’s untouched cookie jar. Can other countries blame China for choking Africa’s economic development when the growth is too fast? Li Keqiang, the current premier of the state council of the People’s Republic of China, has been adamant in stating that China would never colonize Africa. The spotlight follows western civilization …show more content…
The cohesive economic growth created by the investment of other countries has made many steps in exciting this reaction. Aid sent by china culminates into a platform of people who need employment to kick start their economy. James Snider, Editor of Think Africa, breaks down the process in an interview with Al Jazeera English. Snider stated “in order to have broad-based development you need to have a much more labor absorption. Then you can have more domestic demand and more investment in manufacturing, this as both a domestic and then also an external market.” The key to economic independence for Africa as a continent is controlling the manufacturing of their own resources. All the while, skirting around the issues tearing apart African people. The grittiness of civil war and mass chaos are all but ignored as China steps carefully into place around resources. The United Nations and America are much further from controlling the resources China has secured. Wading into the mess that is civil wars and true suffering of a people has sidetracked many nations from challenging China for control. Nevermind the fact that China’s Economy is one of the strongest in the

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