European Imperialism In Africa Essay

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European Imperialism in Africa had a negative effect on both Africa and the rest of the world by destroying African society, technology and culture. Europe, In the late 1800’s made its way into Africa. As Africa grew countries such as France, Britain, and Germany came in for personal benefits and started taking their resources. These European powers went into Africa destroying their society, materials, and culture because they only cared about their strength and resources. Africa was an easy target due to a large surplus in cash crops, not politically strong, and no modernization compared to the European countries with excelled technology. From these European powers taking from Africa and destroying their culture it made Africa found a new way of living and influenced how they developed as a society. Imperialism from the Europeans on Africa caused a negative impact on the rest of the world and created a situation for the African society …show more content…
Africa's society started to turn more violent as years went to try and when their territory back. Nigeria attacked British with their size using the guerilla warfare strategy to win their territory back. As more countries did this strategy they were able to gain back a lot of their territory. The same situation was going on in parts of the world for territory. Due to the success that Europe had with the attacks on Europe, many countries began to have the same idea and turn to fight to benefit their country as well. The book Things Fall Apart portrays this very well with how Okonkwo had to step up for the African society and provide a sense of leadership for his community to help fight and have their territory that they worked so hard for. It also shows how if you are not strong in your society you will be taken over just by how much stronger Europe is. (Africa in World History: From Prehistory to the Present. 3rd ed. Boston: Pearson, 2012.

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