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  • Coldwater High School Soccer Game Analysis

    On Saturday, October 15th, we played a soccer game out in the freezing rain. This game impacted my mood a lot more different because it was about forty degrees and raining. The game took place in Coldwater, Mi next to the prison. During the game you could smell Hungry Howies Pizza across the street. Even though I was smelling pizza the whole time, I was still impacted negativity by the game. Since it was raining, I was cold, tired, and just not in the mood to run, which is why, in my bad mood, I…

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  • Leisure Sector

    Leisure sector is one of the most important and growing sector in UK and in the rest of the world. In term of Tourism, it is normally something related to the free time and what an individual chooses to do in that time. Going out, having dinner in a restaurant, hanging with friends in pubs, shopping or simply travelling around the world, are considered leisure activities. However, Leisure facilities and activities have been provided by three sectors: commercial, public and voluntary. Briefly,…

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  • Stress In Everyday Life Essay

    According to the American Institute of Stress, “ Stress is a highly personalized phenomenon and can vary widely even in identical situations for different reasons”(stress.org 1). No one in this world is completely stress free. Everybody is the victim of stress once in a life. There are several different kinds of stress that distress our daily life. Some of them even cause very serious destruction to our personal well being, physical and mental health. There are many ins and outs that cause…

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  • The Negative Effects Of Boredom

    Boredom is a state of being where a person is left without anything in particular to do. Several articles prove that boredom is a painful experience that can cause many unhealthy events in a lifetime, but other articles state boredom may also help boost creativity, relieve stress, and discover new interest. One has to decide to embrace boredom as an opportunity at that moment or view boredom at a dismal state of being. People have to make a choice on how they spend this empty time full of…

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  • Preparing For A Vacation

    Plan and Prepare for a Vacation Planning and preparing for a vacation may appear to be complicated, but it is actually easy if people follow the basic steps. A vacation is when people leave their normal routine to take a rest from their day to day life. Sometimes people take their vacation in the same place where they live or they travel. People should follow three steps in order to plan and prepare for a vacation. First step is preparation for the journey, people should book their tickets…

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  • The Characteristics Of Sportswear Adidas

    Sportswear is a cloth that people are wear for casual outdoor such as sport activities. The cloth’s design is casually style, it let people feel comfortable when they wearing. People are mostly wear for informal activities, but also acceptable for business or social occasions. At the early of twenty-first century, sportswear is describe of comfortable attire because that sportswear’s design at that time are loosely on clothing and mainly developed for sport use. (Warner) When people think about…

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  • Work And Leisure Analysis

    author Charles Brightbill illustrates, the ability for man to distinctly control his environment through work and the enjoyment of leisure separates him from all other species. Since the beginning of time, the relationship between work and leisure has been in constant flux, adapting with each new school of thought or major societal change. While the concept of leisure originated in biblical texts proclaiming the importance of rest and the need for a Sabbath, its role in society as an indicator…

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  • Leisure Activities Controversy

    to leisure activities as well as educational ones. In my vantage point, leisure activities should be paid more attention in that not only do they boost student's’ morale, but also they provide a situation for new pieces of experience. The first point to be mentioned here is that morale improvement is a critical issue for college students as during their education some of them may experience some sorts of mental problems due to living far away from their families. That is to say, leisure…

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  • Extrinsic Motivation And Leisure Activity

    We all engage in leisure activities whether through intrinsic or extrinsic motivation we partake in the activity with some goal or end behind it all. Our perceived notions of something being a freedom of choice or not influences how we view an activity or leisure time. According to Russell (2017) Neulinger’s Paradigm consist of one’s state of mind which can be split up into two category; perceived freedom and perceived constraint. Under perceived freedom are the intrinsic and extrinsic matters…

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  • Leisure And Society: Course Analysis

    Three months before, I was struggling with course selection. At that time, I just wanted to fulfil the credits. Finally, I chose “Leisure and Society”. Before attending the class, I didn’t expect to learn too much. I thought leisure was only referred to the time free from work and duty. Going through the course, I realized that leisure actually plays an irreplaceable role in our daily life, it contributes to our personal growth, or even brings benefits to the community well-being. In this essay,…

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