Personal Narrative: Her Last Tears

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I remember being a little child with these big goals and dreams in life. My mother told me I could be anything I wanted. All I had to do was dream it and believe it. Being a young child, I thought achieving goals were easy yet I was told otherwise. However, with a thorough plan and dedication I can meet these goals.

Many goals come to mind but the most important goal is to change someone’s life for the better. By being a clinical psychologist I want to listen to someone’s problem and help change them. I want to make them happy when they aren’t happy about themselves or their circumstances. I want to meet this goal by building close relationships with my patients. I don’t want them to feel like they are talking to a stranger. One of my main purposes of achieving this goal is to make a difference in society . If I can make someone else’s life better I would because I would want someone to do the same for me. However, each goal
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I want to title the book “Her Last Tears” because I want the book to symbolize how I am done crying. I want the book to be about the things I overcame in my past. I wanted to be done crying. I think this book is helpful to my future because once I am done with the last chapter I am closing my past. This will help me start new beginnings and give me a fresh start in life. It might be hard trying to publish this book because this would be a touchy topic to write about. I fear that this book would take a long time and I would spend most of my day writing or thinking about the book. This could be a big distraction to my work life because I wouldn’t have my priorities together. This goal is important to me because it’s personal and something I been thinking about my whole life. If I achieve this goal I would be happy and feel like I accomplished something. I been working on this book since the age of 16. I will accomplish this by publishing when I am

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