El-Dirghami: Shoplifting Among Students

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El-Dirghami, Amin. "Shoplifting Among Students." Journal Of Retailing 50.3 (1974): 33. Business Source Premier. Web. 12 Nov. 2015.

In this article, El-Dirghami discusses the statistics of who is more likely to shoplift as well as the motives behind shoplifting. It was concluded that race, gender, and class were all factors into the percentage of who shoplifts, as well as mainly a younger crowd, such as high school and college students.
El-Dirghami included surveys amongst students to get a better understanding of the types of shoplifters and the reasoning behind it. It was very helpful because it helps give insight as to why a person might shoplift and maybe how retailers can reduce the crime.

Glasscock, S. G., Rapoff, M. A., & Christophersen,
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(2006). CCTV Surveillance. [electronic resource] : Video Practices and Technology. Oxford : Elsevier Science & Technology, 2006.
Kruegle’s book highlights the importance of surveillance to protect personnel and assets. He elaborates on this main point through detailed chapters on topics related to surveillance technology and techniques. The dome camera and pan/tilt/zoom camera chapters elaborates on the types available, hardware required for each type, and application of the camera being discussed. In addition to outlining the types of technology available, Kruegle discusses how employee training and education of security measures can prove to be beneficial in prevention methods.
This source is very useful, it provided extensive details on each topic. For instance, the different types of cameras were discussed in their own chapter and each chapter contained more than five parts which highlighted the various aspects about the camera. Due to the extensive division of each chapter this source provided more details about surveillance technology compared to the other sources in the bibliography of this proposal. Although this book was published nine years ago and technology evolves quickly, the information is relevant. The shape and functions of these cameras are still the same; therefore, the book can still provide an accurate understanding of the technology that is still being used
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(2013). Theft prevention. Fmcg, 19(4), 56. Retrieved from http://eds.a.ebscohost.com/eds/detail/detail?vid=16&sid=e8cbe6be-5c2e-452a-af3d-6d3c1b1d8d36%40sessionmgr4002&hid=4211&bdata=JnNpdGU9ZWRzLWxpdmU%3d#db=buh&AN=87725133
Snow’s article highlights the importance of owning a camera and accurate camera setup. The main points of this topic were proper positioning of the camera, proper setup in order to ensure optimum video quality, and convenient setup that allows easy access to the retrieve video recordings. In addition the article summarizes the important role employees’ play in assisting a surveillance system in being efficient. The main ways employees contribute to system efficiency were updating the system after power cuts and producing copies of the recordings to the police during theft investigations.
This source was useful in providing tips on how to position cameras to ensure optimum coverage and quality. Considering that shoplifting is continuously rising this article in very relevant because it provides information of how technology and employees can assist in theft prevention. Compared to a book source in this bibliography the article is significantly short; however it provides news tips and effectively reiterates similar tips. Overall the goal of this article is to inform readers that cameras are important in theft prevention, therefore, install them properly and do not cut cost that can result in poor quality

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