The Stickup Kids

What to Do to Not Do It: A Smarter and More-Fun Way of Persuading Kids to Not Do Drug-Related Activity Everyone has seen it. It’s everywhere. It’s being taken, put into someone’s mouth, and affecting one’s mental health in someway. And before they notice what they’re doing is wrong, it’s already too late. The damage has been done, and now they live in a whole different world than what the average human experiences where they’re prone to do wrong, do crimes, or to get themselves or another person killed sooner or later. The cause of this is the common drug. And not only are more and more adults becoming addictive to drugs, but more and more children are also becoming more addictive to or trying to live with drugs that they may or may …show more content…
Back then, the crime of theft was very common, especially when it involved the robbing of drug products. When doing an annotated bibliography of Randol Contreras’ written work The Stickup Kids: Drugs, Races, Violence, and the American Dream, Waverly Duck of the Sociological Forum said that people who have read the afford-mentioned book would be introduced, “to the world of drug robbers through rich narrative accounts, and get a glimpse of their tactics, of which employ several tools (Duck, 2014, p. 1).” During those time, not only were more adults exposed to drug, but more children were also exposed to those same drugs. Even today, kids, high school student especially, are usually seen with or taking drug-based products like tobacco, alcohol, meth, and even antibiotics. But many expert educators, like Alice Park who analyzed a study made by Dr. Martin Blaser, are persuading these children to understand that, “the earlier the children are exposed to drugs, the more likely they would be affected (Park, 2015, para. 6). The children need to be taught about the dangers of taking drugs, but their attention would need to be grabbed so that way they would listen and completely understand instead of just leaving and walking right out the

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