Teen Drug Abuse Essay

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Teen drug abuse had became a big problem worldwide due to the lack of education that teens have on drugs. Parents do not educate their teens to the point that they know everything they should know about drugs, such as, how damaging to the body and health of a teen they can be. Teens do not realize that they are putting their health at risk, and they are also putting others at risk as well. Drug abuse doesn’t just mean that a teen is addicted to one drugs, once a teen starts to abuse drugs they do not just get stuck on one drug they can get hooked on many other drugs. All drugs are bad for the health of a teen but there are others that are worse then some. Teens needed to be more educated on drugs.

Today there are many young teens that abuse drugs, they may not know what these drugs are doing to them or how much trouble they could get into using illegal drugs. Teens don’t realize how damaging drugs can be to the body, and what they can really do to someone. Teens who abuse drugs put their health and safety at risk(Teen Drug Abuse para. 1).
Teens that experiment with drugs are putting their health at risk. There are many reasons as to why a teen may abuse drugs. It’s never too late to talk to a teen about drug abuse, this is a time when you tell talk to your teen about why you never chose to get involved
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13). Parents should talk with their teens more about drug abuse. Parents should do things like ask their teens what their views are on drugs abuse, discuss reasons not to abuse drugs, discuss ways to resist peer pressure, and talk to their teen about their experience with drugs if they have any and how they affected their life as well(Teen Drug Abuse para.

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