Persuasive Speech Outline On Drugs

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Thesis Statement: Many Americans would argue that conviction is the best solution to eliminate the number of teenagers addicted to drugs, however the best solution to the problem is a combination of parents, school systems, and friends coming together and informing their teens.
I. What is addiction?
II. Many teenagers do not know the effects drugs and alcohol can have on their bodies.
A. An increased release of Dopamine can cause impaired judgment.
B. Alcohol can damage the heart, liver, brain, and pancreases.
C. Many narcotics may cause dizziness, nausea and a reduced sensation to pain
III. One possible solution to decrease drug addiction is to convict anyone caught with drugs in their system.
A. They could be sentenced to probation.
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Many parents could educate their children about how drugs could change their lives.
B. School systems could have a drug information classes.
C. Friends could make sure they know they can talk to them about their problems.
V. Some strength and weaknesses to the developed plans.
A. Some strengths and weaknesses Some strength to incarcerating drug dependent teens is that they will be removed from the people and environment encouraging drug use. It also teaches young adults to take responsibility for their actions.
B. Some weaknesses to convicting young adults of drug crimes is they can also get drugs in jail, and they may be introduced to many other drugs. Another weakness is if they do not see a need to change, they will not
C. Some strengths to having people intervene in the situation is that the child might realize that drugs are not the answer to their problems, they may be taught what drugs can do to their bodies.
D. Some weaknesses to education and interventions is the teen might try to do the opposite of what their parent say, and if the intervention is too late it probably will not work.
VI. Both solutions could stop drug addiction among teens, but solution two is better because it could possible reach a young adult before they begin taking
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One positive outcome for solution two is when someone is convicted of a crime he or she is taught to take responsible for his or her actions. For instance, a teen that gets in trouble frequently may think that it is not a big deal because he or she has not been punished in the past. On the other hand, if he or she were punished for his or her mistake, he or she might think twice before doing it again. Another optimistic conclusion is that incarceration or rehab would immediately remove the effected teen from his or her negative environment. For example, if a child’s addiction was being provided by her or her parents removing the adolescent would inessentially remove the drug source. However, drugs may also be present in jails, prisons, and rehab facilities. Sometimes, when the addiction has become so strong, these addicts will do and try anything to get high. Therefore, removing the child from his or her environment could make the addiction problem worst. Solution two also has some convincing strengths and weaknesses. One major strength in informing children about drug use is that it might prevent the start of a bad habit. For instance, teens who know what narcotics can do to their lives might realize that it is not worth the chance. Another positive effect to prevention is that when a child learns what medication can do to his or her body it might scare them away from experimenting with drugs in the first

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