Digital Photography Essay

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Digital photography had revolutionized the world of picture capturing. The whole concept of photography hasn’t changed. However, over the years digital cameras have changed considerably from its appearance to its functions making it easier to have a picture of exceptional quality whatever its purpose. “The selective eye”, instead of just finding a subject to take a photo of the photo composition is about accentuating the scene of the photograph being taken. It is important to be aware that there is more than one way of framing up the camera for a perfect photo shot.
The photographer plays a big part in the picture from choosing the correct setting to the overall picture quality. To be a decent photographer you need to see the world in a broader
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There are so many different varieties of cameras from movie, digital to disposable, from early periods up to today’s technology. Each camera is slightly different to another and certain cameras are suitable for specific types of photography e.g. underwater photographing.
This is an old antique camera from the 19thcentury. Before more up to date cameras were made, these now not so common wooden cameras were professionally hand- crafted. These generated from around the 18th century right through to the early part of the 20th century.

As cameras progressed one type “Rolleiflex” was made with a twins lens reflex. It was designed and built in which to have one lens for viewing the image and another for the actual photography. With this comes a problem such as parallax error meaning the picture taken doesn’t look how it did originally in the viewfinder (the above lens). The advantage to this camera is that it produces a film of greater layout resulting in a much higher quality
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They are used and designed with three legs for both motion and still photography to enable the camera to be as still as possible. The mounting head of the tripod contains a “thumbscrew” where the camera can be tightly screwed onto and a mechanism to rotate the camera depending on what is being photographed. Tripods are used most when a camera is being used for low-speed exposures or when a lens of high focal length is required because if a camera is held by the photographer with this kind of lens any movement while the shutter is open will produce a blurred image and it won’t at all be in focus resulting in a poor quality image. A tripod is designed to produce a photo with maximum quality with exceptional sharpness and enables the photograph to be magnified; they are also commonly used when numerous photos are

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