Ds Slider Research Paper

A DLSR slider is perhaps one of the most important pieces of equipment to today 's digital photographer. Perhaps the most exciting thing about today DSLRs is that they not only allow us to create breathtaking photos of a quality that has never been able to be done before, but they also let us expand out creative horizons into ultra high-quality video projects as well. Photographers have always wished or a way to bridge the gap between photo and video easily and with a DSLR that is finally able to be done.

Of course to create high-quality video projects that have stunningly smooth movements and interesting angles of shot, one has to have a quality slider. The slider lets the camera move smooth and steady over a surface giving professional dolly work results. Choosing the best DSLR slider for your needs shouldn 't be a simple matter of choosing one at your favorite camera supply retailer that looks good or has a nice price tag. This is a key element of your work and you need to choose the one (or more) that will fit the specific needs of the kind of work that you are going to
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Why choose between a skate slider and a track slider when you can have the best of both world. This hybrid slider is ideal for any project and gives you the chance to create a truly professional looking multi-motion shot with little to no effort. The main unit is a traditional track slider that has a fluid level head and ultra glide travel system that gives you precise and smooth motion at every angle. The unit can be mounted on a tripod and used in various configurations to give you the utmost versatility. What makes it particularly unique though is the fact that it is also a skate dolly slider. The four large rubber and plastic wheels move the entire unit smoothly and easily anywhere that you need it to go. Attach a draw handle or any type of pull system and get precise travel angles, ultra straight lines and even perfect curves for every

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