Understanding The Importance Of Masking In Photoshop

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To understand the concept of Masking in Photoshop and its importance in some areas, we first need to understand what Masking actually means. In simple non-technical terms, Masking seems to be putting a covering over something completely or partially. It is more or less the same in the Photoshop too.
Most of us eventually in the beginning have a fear of the term and think that it is above our understanding limits. I tell you that if you know how to use the Move tool in Photoshop and basic tools then you do not have to panic. It is a concept that uses the simplest things you know and creates a beautiful looking effect that seems to be very tough to create.
In technical terms, Masking is providing transparency in general. You would wonder
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After this chapter, you will find yourself completely comfortable with the tool. I guarantee you will be a fan of the tool and always think of editing using the same. You will find different types of images to mask and will realise the designer lust for the tool. A good masking defines good and efficient editing.
Importance of Masking
Masking, for a graphic designer is something like water and oxygen for life. Most of the wedding albums and other edited images follow use of this tool. The tool has several benefits of itself over other methods of creating the same effect. A great graphic designer once said “Worth doing things in life need layer masks almost all the time”. This shows the love of designers for the tool. The layers were the first thing inculcated into the Photoshop earlier versions, masking came second. Since then, it has developed an impact in the designer’s minds.
Masking is used in various fields like-
• You may need masked images for a project in school or college or a presentation. They leave a better impact on the viewer’s minds and may fetch you better
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These are very common to see these days. You may find many such updates from people or pages and wonder about their innovation. Now, you can easily understand the sources and it is no more a suspense to you. You can also create some innovative masked images and post on your timeline to make people wonder.
• They may work for some technical purposes, wherein you need to keep less pictures and more contents. Here, you mask pictures with contents over each other and use them worthwhile.

Masking is thus a very vital and easy to use tool in Photoshop. It is easy to understand and once you get handy with it, you can find your own new applications for the tool. You can use it for as many purposes as your innovative mind brings you the ideas. It has an unlimited scope of innovation and perfection.

Benefits of Masking over other methods
This is the very first question that clicks a beginner’s mind while he reads the definition of Masking. It is a actually good that you come up with such a question. This is because you must have heard of ‘You get solutions only if you have questions’. Hence, things will only get clear to you in Photoshop when you think for those, you find relativities among them and try to understand why you chose this particular tool. Otherwise, in an application so bulky and technical like Photoshop, you may need a lot of time to get handy with and will still have questions pending

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