Figurative Language In Lord Of The Flies

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Mask Essay In many novels, a deeper meaning of the text is often sought after to enhance a reader’s understanding and perspective of the book. Unfortunately, in novels, literal definitions have specific meanings that can limit this sought after experience by readers. By using symbolism, a type of figurative language, a deeper meaning can be achieved. In Lord of the Flies symbolism is used to great effect as countless examples are prevalent throughout the book. Symbols can be interpreted in whatever way the reader wants them to, having the ability to add another layer to a piece of literature. In my mask, I will use symbols to depict my ideas of the themes and figurative language of the Lord of the Flies. In my mask savagery and civilization are represented by the different areas of the mask. The top of the mask represents savagery. In this region of the mask, it is black with a leaf camouflage headdress, with three spears crossed, covered in blood, and includes a bloodshot eye. The color black symbolizes the impurity, violence and chaos that savagery can lead to, as savagery did in Lord of the Flies in a cumulative of events that left two dead. The spears in the middle connect to Jack and his hunters. Spears are a weapon …show more content…
The white background shows the purity, peace, unity and clear thinking civilization can bring. At first, the unified goal of being rescued brought the boys together for a brief period of time. The conch shell is painted on the white side to symbolize the authority of civilization, for it is civilization’s symbol of power. The conch shell is used as the symbol of authority in Lord of the Flies. Through the book it's power wanes and is destroyed as savagery overcomes civilization. The eye in the civilization side of the mask is normal with a green iris. The eye does not have imperfections and represents the clear, logical thinking civilizations must

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