Red states and blue states

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  • Bronfenbrenner Ecological Theory

    the United States while disclosing their sexual identity. For instance, the Midwest and Southern states are difficult areas to live openly as a person who identify themselves as LGBT. Disclosure and non-disclosure of one’s sexual identity can be difficult for lesbian women because they think about the severity of the consequences. If lesbian women resides in a region that values heterosexual identity only, then she may encounter severe consequences of disclosing her sexual identity. Researchers used Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological theory in this study to provide a conceptual understanding of the environment of lesbian women. Bronfenbrenner’s theory is consisted of four systems: Microsystem, mesosystem, exosystem, and macrosystem. The microsystem is a system in which the individuals interact with family members, schools, churches and other groups (van Dam, 2014). Next, the mesosystem includes the interaction between the microsystems. The exosystem includes a domain in which an individual is influenced indirectly such as social support through…

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  • Pokemon Black Monologue

    ... you probably can't tell, but I'm living up to my title of Lord of the Sighs at the moment. Some of you might remember the SoulSilver Scrublocke back in, what was it, early June? Totally forgot to continue that. I decided to just scrap that project altogether and play one of my favorite Pokemon games thus far, Black, because I'm black, too. Genius jokes are genius. Now, for those who don't know what this is, allow me to explain. A Nuzlocke is basically a more advanced way to play the in-game…

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  • Pokemon Research Paper

    A bit of Pokemon history to begin, Pokemon has been around for twenty years. Pokemon was created by Satoshi Tajiri and developed and released by Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures or better known as a trio joint company Pokemon Company or Pokemon Company International. Which was not official until 1998. The first sets of games were released in Japan on February 27, 1996, under the name Pocket Monsters Red and Green for the Nintendo Game Boy. While it has been here in the United States under…

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  • Pokemon Essay

    basically consist of a group of complete strangers that meet up in an area where there use to be a lot of pokemon in their effort to catch them all. From my personal experience I can say that this is true, since the announced of pokemon go I have met new people, especially whenever you are outside and go to these certain areas where there are always pokemon, there are always too many people that you have the opportunity to hang out with all of them and start new relationships. Another worthy…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of A Nanny State

    There is always the conception that extensive rules and regulation which the Australia government placed among its citizens are slowly taking the personal freedoms to take risk away from the individuals. Although the restrictions placed upon its people have certainly help Australia government to earn its reputation as a ‘Nanny State’. It can be argued that we are not in the danger of becoming a nanny state as long as the restrictions are reasonable. This essay will focus on how the rules and…

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  • Analysis Of The Poem 'Still I Rise' By Maya Angelou

    The word 'Authenticity ' happens to have multiple meanings and be seen in many different perspectives. Authenticity is the concept of being truthful, and genuine about something. The poem "Still I Rise ' by Maya Angelou, is an authentic poem. The poet speaks real, genuine facts about how blacks were seen, and treated back in the day. Although, it may seem she is speaking upon herself that is not the case when she wrote this poem. The first section of the poem, Maya states "You write me down in…

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  • Corruption Regulation

    In most cases, countries implement regulations on lobbying only in response to public outcry over a recent scandal. In the United States, national lobbying regulations were passed through congress and implemented as early as 1933, and the first widespread act to cover all groups was passed in 1995. Even prior to this regulation, most states had their own regulations starting in the 19th century. Since 1995, the legislature has made many changes to the existing rules, creating a complex web of…

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  • Innocence In William Blake's State Of Human Existence

    In William Blake’s poetical verses explaining the two contrary states of human existence, he observes the world with an extensive view from a state of “innocence and of an imagination unspoiled by stains of worldliness” (Keynes 12), and from a state of “indignation and pity for the sufferings of mankind as he saw them in the streets of London (Keynes 12). Holding firm to such ideologies as proposed by John Milton and Emmanuel Swedenborg, Blake believed in the philosophy that because all men were…

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  • Social Purpose Of The Police

    The police need to be accountable in order to gain confidence among the communities; therefore they should tolerate zero corruption in offering their services to the people. In providing services and rendering assistance in emergency cases the police are expected to be on the forefront. This will ensure that they meet the expectations of the community, and they can be treated as part of the community (Jeans, 2007). The communities expect the police to offer services in equal measures in order…

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  • Bounded Citizenship

    in the plainest form is to be a member of a political community, such as a nation-state and possess legal rights and political duties. As can be seen from its many ideals – namely republican, liberal, bound, cosmopolitan, pluralist or solidarist – citizenship has multiple sources of meaning, be they cultural, religious, ethnic or gender related. These conceptions each have their respective merits and downfalls, which shall be assessed and measured in this essay by the extent to which they permit…

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