The Decline Of Eastman-Kodak's Success

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Introduction Organizations come and go like the changing of the seasons. Entrepreneurial individuals develop innovative ideas and then aim to acquire resources to turn those ideas into meaningful change or profits. For some, these ideas prove successful and the organization grows and prospers. However, this success is not without its own difficulties; organizations must dedicate themselves to nurturing and growing their competencies to ensure they continue to be effective and profitable. Unfortunately, initial or prolonged success is not enough to maintain an organization’s continued profitability. Many organizations fail to perform the introspection and environmental analysis needed to develop and institute changes to keep the company current; ultimately, this can lead to organizational decline and even death, if not corrected (Jones, 2012, p. 321). This paper sets out to examine one organization that enjoyed a prolonged period of immense a success, yet from found itself suffering from a slow and painful decline due to its own neglect.
What is the current state of Eastman-Kodak? In the later 2000s, the once proud Eastman-Kodak had found itself an irrelevant and failing organization.
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They realized the quantum technology change happening and chose to focus on being at the forefront of the wave. By immediately embracing the change with an R-strategy (p. 311) and developing the competencies to excel in the technology, they were able to develop innovative products catered to the changing tastes of consumers. The longer they were involved in digital technology, the more advanced their products became. Despite profit margins being slim in the digital realm, they were able to eventually capitalize on economies of scale, in which they were able to utilize cost-saving mass production to increase value for their organizations (p. 6)-and beat out

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