Red Scare

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  • The Second Red Scare, By Joseph Mccarthy

    Joseph McCarthy Few people in American history have ever plunged the country into panic as Joseph McCarthy did in the 1950s. He single-handedly fabricated a scandal he claimed reached into the highest branches of the US government. Lacking substantial evidence, he accused various senators, representatives, and officials of being communist spies. His infamous “list” of such people was comprised of information that was “either taken from other sources or misremembered or just made up” (Kelley). As a result, Joseph McCarthy negatively influenced the United States politically, socially, and morally, as reflected in the literature of the Second Red Scare. Joseph McCarthy was born in rural Wisconsin on November 15,1908. After working various odd jobs for several years, he ran for office as a judge in the local Judicial Circuit. He proved to be a somewhat controversial judge, and was part of a scandal that involved the destruction of court records. When World War Ⅱ broke out, McCarthy joined the Marines. He would soon claim to have been wounded in this combat, but this was…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Red Scare Of The 1920s

    The Red Scare of the 1920’s was widespread panic due to the fear of the communists, anarchists, and socialist ideas rising in the United States. Immigrants and foreigners were the first to be blamed because they were believed to have brought communist ideas with them into America. To try and put an end to this mass paranoia, people within the government went out to find any known Communists and eliminate them. One man in particular made this his full-time job for the sake of the American…

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  • The Red Scare

    The Cold War created a large amount of tension not just between the United States and the Soviet Union but also within the country itself. The second wave of the Red Scare was a direct result of the Cold War and changed the overall moral of the country for a period of time. There were many cases that came as a direct result of the widespread panic and anxiety over the infiltration of Communist influence into society. Together, The Smith Act, Dennis versus U.S. and the HUAC hearings of the…

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  • Isolationism In The 1920's

    Coming out of WWI, America was beginning the transition into a period of modernization and isolationism. The aftermath of WW1 led to many advancements throughout American society, many of which were controversial across generations. These controversial advancements in society ranged from economical and political, to social. Following the Red Scare, nativism began to resurface in America and would eventually lead to the establishment of the nativist establishments and legislation. FDR also led…

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  • Effects Of The Red Scare

    governmental or other interference. The Red scare is the rounding up and deportation of several hundred immigrants of radical political views by the federal government in 1919 and 1920. This “scare” was caused by fears of subversion by communists in the U.S after the Russian revolution. Terrorism is the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims. It is usually defined as involving the deliberate creation of fear though threat of violence,…

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  • The Red Scare Essay

    The Red Scare was a hysteria caused by the fear that communists, the “Reds”, will rise and take control over the United States of America in the 1900s. The first Red Scare began after World War I, when the communists in Russia, the Bolshevik, got rid of the royal family and took control over their nation. The fear of communism increased when several strikes led by industrial workers and policemen happened in 1919. Communists were always blamed, especially when a bomb was dropped to purposely…

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  • How Does Fear Affect Society

    frenzy, yelling out all the names they claim have made pacts with the Devil despite their strict Puritan beliefs (Miller). This scene is pivotal to the story because it shows how the hysteria began growing in Salem until it exploded out of control, and the trials took over daily life. Had the girls not wanted all the attention and praise, the trials would never have taken off, and the sense of panic never would have penetrated Salem. The United States as a whole fell into a similar trap due to…

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  • Totalitarianism In The Crucible

    Compliance to an Dangerous Path Throughout history the compliance to totalitarianism is blamed on certain groups of people that enacted social corruption, to make it appear as if they were saving humanity. Leaders and associations, mostly focusing on Stalin, Hitler, and Mussolini, they manipulated their countries and made it resemble that they were improving the country and community, when in reality they ruined the community. This relates to The Crucible and during the Red Scare both time…

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  • Importance Of Truth In The Crucible

    This connection speaks to the tendency in humans to latch on to fear and blindly follow those who promise to erase it. In both situations the fear is manufactured. During the witch trials it was completely made up while during the red scare it was a small issue that was blown out of proportion. The only way to stop this mentality from spreading out of control is for people to stand up against the terror. Edward Murrow was one such person during the red scare and his journalism helped to expose…

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  • Human Spirit In Scarlet Letter

    When faced with trouble, the outside of a person is stripped away, layer by layer, until all that’s left is their spirit. What happens then is what defines the human race as a whole; ordinary people are turned into persistant, determined, relentless fighters. When one is backed into a wall and all hope seems lost, the human spirit comes out to play. It laughs in the face of asperity, saying,”You can’t scare me, I always win”. One might even call it stubborn, but, at the end of the day, the human…

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