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  • Eviction At Home

    Many of us have the luxury of living in a home or even an apartment that we can afford, but others do not have that fortitude that we take for granted. Now with the prices going up, the landlords have also decided to bump up the prices for rent. It is easy for some to just say “These people should just get a job, maybe then they will be able to afford housing.” In reality, that is not the case, the cost of living and the wages that families and individuals get paid are not in agreement and it is even more difficult when these families are being paid minimum wage. Rent is getting more expensive, which makes it more difficult for families and individuals to make ends meet. Not being able to pay housing is affecting many people everywhere from countries to states to even our city today and leaving them hopeless. In this paper, I will explore the resources that are available here in Fresno County where our residents can go to get help with housing and shelter. According to Fresno Housing, “Public housing is housing that is built, operated, and owned by a government agency, and provides units at lower-than-market rate rents to qualified low-income individuals and families.” There are many reasons why we should care about families and individuals find affordable housing and shelter. They are families and individuals that at no fault of their own were put in the situation in which they can not get out of and we should be there to support them through these harsh times instead of…

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  • Breaking News About School Shootings

    Many schools now require for all visitors to come inside the office and sign-in even if they are just dropping their children off in class, but what if the office is not the first thing in sight. At Reedley High the school’s office is located farther away, instead the first building anyone will notice will be several classroom buildings. Another school is Parlier High their office is located on the right side where there is a wide open area to the center of the school and to the side towards the…

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  • The Columbia Claim Jumpers: A Short Story

    But with 11 second half points from Bosten Van Der Veur and Michael Meserole, the Jumpers were able to take the lead with 1:14 left in the game. Meserole finished the night with 17 points. “Everyone played really well, but Mike ran the show,” Hoyt said. “He kept his composure and lit the fire of everyone else. He plays for the moment and he lives for it.” Stallings scored a game-high 31 points, Lewayne Grant scored 10, Trevin Wilson had nine points, and Aaron May scored seven points.…

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  • Important Event Research Paper

    a chair. I got up on the chair and was having a spectacular time playing with the critters until one them bit me. I yelped and squirmed around on the chair. I tossed the hamster back on the table simultaneously I was falling back. I fell and hit the concrete floor and my chin opened up. I was laying down on the floor, terrified still processing what just happened. I saw blood drip down my chin and onto the floor. My grandma was in shock and cried out my name, then called the ambulance. My…

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  • Graduation Speech: Supporting Detail

    Introduction: “There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs.” This quote has always affected my decisions. Thesis: Every since I was a little kid, school has always been a big part of my life and I have always had big dreams. Main Point 1: My childhood was anything but boring, whether I was sliding down the stairs on a trash can lid or making my own pool in my backyard I always found a way to entertain myself. Supporting Detail: I was born at Reedley Hospital on November 22,…

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  • Compare And Contrast High School And Colleges

    one way street, everyone is here for one thing and they choose to be here. In college you make friends, but this is to build networks for the future. College for you choose to be here you choose when you want to attend classes if they are at night, morning, or the middle of the day you can choose. This also puts that everyone one in college does not have the same time slot for lunch or for break between classes the same. The thing that stays the same in both is that where you live chooses the…

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  • Cost Of Textbooks In Schools Essay

    the retail cost of the books they assign for their students.” There are some instructors that do think about their students for the reason that they know books have risen over the years, so their solutions are having a custom book that cuts the price in half, while it covers the objectives necessary for the course. Students don’t use them enough in class to justify a high price. The books are not used that often by instructors so the price of using a book for a short period of time or just a…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Youth Group Core Team

    We have all came across a decision in life or impact that has changed our life for the better or worst. We all have to take it on and be content with the things that are happening because at the end of the day we could be somewhere worst then what we are facing. One impact that had changed my life for the better would have to be that I had got asked to be a part of the core team at youth group. I will tell you how I got asked to join the core team, what I did, and how it impacted my life. My…

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  • Statement Of Purpose: Back To School

    My baby sister Karen is a retired Army Cook who won awards in the Army’s top on-base chef’s competitions, and she is taking time off from work to assist her daughter with her children. I am so proud of my family and humble to be the oldest of such remarkable siblings and parents. I continue to feel that I have under-achieved. I left home at 18 and joined the Navy. I did my three years and got out. I’ve raised four intelligent and God fearing young women, two of them largely on my own, and I am…

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  • Freddie Mac: Scandal Of 2003

    Freddie Mac: Scandal of 2003 Alex Ceja Eva Lucatero Darrah Bonander Reedley College Ethics is the practice of performing at a level of right rather than wrong. Pertaining to or dealing with morals or the principles of morality. Being ethical is the highest standard for a business and is expected in every profession or career. One word that describes the term ethics would be truthfulness. Employees are expected to be truthful with the work they do. That means no falsifying records, any…

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