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  • Anthropological Critique

    The holistic approach not only separates the interconnections of the constituents of a system; it also supports the understanding of the system as a whole. Nevertheless, reductionism itself possess some advantages. Reductionism can facilitate in clarifying the system, with regards to quantitative properties; however, it lacks the ability to obtain and understand the necessary qualitative theories. Additionally, reductionism does not afford a philosophical foundation for research and analysis purposes. Therefore, holism holds an advantage when contrasted with reductionism, specifically, owing to the intricacy, complexness, and interconnections within environmental systems. However, reductionistic and holistic approaches although often contrasted with one another are actually interdependent and complementary methods, which may prove beneficial when studying and making sense of complex phenomena. As each provides useful, but limited, information, which, when viewed as a whole, may fill in significant…

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  • Parfit Argumentative Essay

    were to transplant half of my brain into someone else’s brainless body, and the other half of my brain into a second’s person’s brainless body, which person would I be? Would I be neither of them or would I be just one of them? Assuming that my personal “fission” could support all of my mental life, According to Parfit’s article Personal Identity, personal identity does not matter and that I would be the same person at first but afterwards both people will become different people. Parfit…

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  • Reductionist Theory Of Personal Identity

    Derek Parfit uses reductionism to determine a more likely definition of human identity based on facts, rather than simply speculation. The basis of his argument for the impersonal natural of human identity is the simpler components of a human – the brain, body, and experiences. Parfit lays out the criteria posed by Williams for a reductionist view of personal identity: (1) whether a future person is the same as the current person depends on the intrinsic features of the relationship between the…

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  • Reductionism And Schizophrenia

    Can a reductionist approach explain the onset of Schizophrenia? Schizophrenia is one of the most challenging mental disorders as it’s caused by a combination of factors rather than one root cause. Reductionism is an approach which attempts to understand the nature of complex phenomena by reducing them into a smaller set of properties (Jones, 2004) and therefore disregarding the complexities of an individual’s brain and experiences. The purpose of this essay is to assess whether a reductionist…

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  • Medical Reductionism

    During the 18th century around the time when bedside medicine shifted to hospital medicine and then consequently laboratory medicine, Nicholas Jewson wrote a paper that addresses the issue of how this shift affected the doctor-patient relationship, that ultimately the patient has disappeared in the equation. The tone of the paper suggested that the disappearance of the sick-man (as a catalyst that began the reductionism in medicine) would lead medicine in the wrong direction, somewhere…

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  • Descartes Dualistic Theory

    dualism is not biblically based, but rather a construction of ancient philosophers like Plato and Descartes (Jeeves and Brown, 2009). In contrast to common understanding, Descartes, the developer of dualism, was a “physicalist.” He believed the body operated similar to animals as a “machine,” but he lacked an explanation for human consciousness. Lacking an explanation, Descartes created the idea of an immaterial soul distinguishing a line between animal and human. Thus, the authors used the…

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  • Reductionism Vs Holism

    Holism vs. Reductionism The concept of holism has various applications and connotations. The significant assumption underpinning the approach of holism is that the characteristics of a system are understandable only through examining the system as a whole. Holism focuses on the association between various components, their interactions, interdependencies and interconnectedness. The holistic approach considers that the whole of a system is greater than or different from its individual parts. In…

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  • Arguments Against Objectivity

    Reductionism is the idea that macroscale, complex objects can be broken down into the interactions between smaller, simpler objects, and further until it is broken down into the interactions of sub-atomic particles. The main argument for the truth of reductionism is that biology can be explained by chemical reactions and chemical reactions by physics. The main argument against the truth of reductionism is that there are inconsistencies in biology that chemical reactions cannot explain, and…

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  • Essay Of Supervenience

    Such supervenience might be taken to mean that there cannot be two events alike in all physical respects but differing in some mental respect, or that an object cannot alter in some mental respect without altering in some physical respect (Davidson, 1970/2002, p. 119) An important remark is the fact that supervenience does not entail a reductionism as Davidson (1970/2002) suggests, “Dependence or supervenience of this kind does not entail reducibility” (Davidson, 1970/2002, p. 119). In other…

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  • The Reductionist Theory Of Religion

    techniques used to analyze and interpret religion: the non-reductionist approach and the reductionist approach. Non-reductionists do not believe religion can be broken down into simpler terminology. For this paper, I will be focusing on reductionism and providing examples from people we’ve talked about in class this semester. The reductionist approach focuses on explaining religion completely in human terms. Reductionists use non-religious reasonings and explanations to explain things instead of…

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