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  • Al Qaeda Red Team Analysis

    Red cell analysis is also known as red team analysis. The red team is a group of experts dedicated to intelligence investigations and provision of warnings where necessary dealing with national and international security. The organization brings the future to the present as far as national and international security is concerned. (Matesk 2009). The idea of the red team analysis was born from the red team military activities or red teaming which was used during the times of war by the US military to simulate the plans of the enemy so that they get prepared in case of any attack. In general, the red team analysis forecasts happenings of the future through science, and psychology. This means that if one desires to know the enemy, he/she will…

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  • Personal Narrative: Elementary School

    The entire blue team lined up horizontally by the cones as if we were soldiers ready for battle. The eye contact was intense as we faced our 4”8’ opponents on the red side. Our physical education teacher, Mr. Dolly, was standing in the middle of the field. His polyester, sleeveless, blue shirt hugged his spherical beer belly, as he took an extensive blow on his sliver whistle to commence the game. Running at top speed toward each other, the blue and red teams merge. Julie is separated from me in…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Career As A Tennis Player

    My first visual of the sport happened when I was young. At 5 years-old, I saw my sister at tennis practice (she was 9 years-old) and my big curiosity wanted me to try it. I told my parents I wanted to do the same thing my sister was doing, and they signed me at the same place she practiced, Fairland Aquatics Center. The first practice was with the tennis coach named Kevin, whom I still know to this day. He gave me a kid-sized Penn Racquet and told me to run around the tennis court two times.…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Home Soccer Team

    students on the right all dressed with school spirit, red, white and black and across the field the visiting team had a couple of spectators dressed in orange. As I look down at the perfectly grassed, green soccer field marked with white lines and a red letter N in the center, i see both teams doing drills, shooting, passing and running. Our team captain has a neon green arm band, he leads the team yelling across the field and keeping everyone focused. Shortly after, the two teams and the…

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  • Personal Narrative: No Shared Goals

    Most of the time, our manager sat in his chair, chatting with someone or watching his PC. He gave me no clear direction or encouragement to operate efficiently. On the other hand, some managers of other teams visited each function and well communicated with team members. I thought my manager didn’t add a value to our operation…

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  • Sample Resume Analysis

    It also attracts the reader with the large font for my name and the red header, particularly because red is the first color the eye notices; it is the first one the reader will see if all are laid out visibly. However it does not convey some smaller points that can push my application home. It does not convey relevant interests and the objective on it suggests a distracted, uncommitted employment. To make the resume more directed at the lower level IT industry I would change the objective and…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Trojan Girls Volleyball

    losing…. I was overjoyed. I was on the Trojan Girls Volleyball Team. Our team consisted of eleven girls and we were competing for the finals against the team from Pewaukee. Throughout the game I felt excitement, then frustration, and last but definitely not least…..satisfaction. Before the important game we were completely silent. Although we were nervous, we also were ready and eager to win. This might’ve worked against us because we had a bad start and were losing to a team I knew we could…

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  • Professional Sports: The Theory Of Functionalism

    In the United States, regardless of the type of sport being played many people often enjoy watching and cheering for their favorite sports teams. People that share an affiliation and passion for a certain team come together to watch their teams perform either in person or on the television. And forming a bond with a specific sports team can also become a way for people to identify with places they live or have lived at one point in their life. Even in cases where there exist bitter rivalries…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Football Game

    is a rather chilly Sunday afternoon. This was the first game of the day. It was a gloomy morning. There was no sun in sight and the cold wind feels like a slap to the face. You could almost see the determination in the girl's eyes. They knew that if they won this game they could go to the championship game. They had to win this game. The game started out just like any other girls soccer game. Both teams took the field to warm up. One team wore uniforms with bright red jerseys with solid…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: A Short Story

    basketball team of Xavier High school. It was the day of the District championship between my school, Xavier High school, and Doon International. The championship would serve as a stepping stone towards the state championship and to the title of " The Conquerors". I was confident that we would soon be holding the trophy in our hands and it wouldn 't be long before the crowd was chanting one name- my name. Gurneet! Gurneet! Gurneet! I could hear my coach giving a pep talk to all the other…

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