Importance Of Camera Calibration

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A camera is an optical device that records images that can be stored instantly or transmitted to another location. These images can be still photographs or moving images like videos. The functioning of the camera is very similar to the functioning of the human eye. It is an image forming device. A camera works with the light of the visible spectrum. It creates an image of the object and records the image on a photographic film. Every camera uses a very basic design: light enters a close d box through a converging lens and an image is registered on a light-sensitive element. A shutter mechanism decides the length of time that light can undertake the camera.
Camera calibration is generally about finding the parameters internal to the camera
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They are denoted by R and T respectively. Generally for all the cameras, the internal parameters are self-calibrated, so the camera calibration mainly concentrates on finding rotation and translation parameters. Camera calibration can be done by many methods namely conventional method, neural network method (feed-forward neural network, recurrent neural network, hybrid Hopfield network etc.), and self-adaptive genetic algorithm etc. There are two types of camera calibration namely photometric camera calibration and geometric camera calibration. Photometric camera calibration is called color mapping. It is the process of transforming the colors of one image called as source to the colors of another image called as target and geometric camera calibration is called camera resectioning.It is the process of finding the camera matrix which consists of the parameters of pinhole camera model. It is a 3x4 matrix consisting of external parameters. A proper camera calibration is requires to when there is a need to reconstruct a world model and also to interact with the world like robot and hand -eye …show more content…
His results are taken as a base to check the correctness of new approaches. A very basic idea of camera calibration is taken from here for this proposed model.A small plank is taken and one side of it is covered with a white sheet to reduce noise while detecting the colors. Four LEDs of three different colors are taken (Red, Green and Blue) and fixed at the four edges of the plank. They are connected to a battery source. These four points (LEDs) are taken as calibration points and an extra point (LED) is taken as testing

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