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  • King Of Castle Quotes

    terror on him systemically, to control over Charles even his mind. His strategy of threatening works effectively on Charles such as putting a crow on his bed, locking him in the Red Room, and locking him in a shed. Hill's writing contributes in a great extent on describing Charles's reaction when he was locked in the Red Room to demonstrate Edmund's evil. ‘Beyond the windows, the sky was steely grey, the rain teemed down. The branches of the yew trees were bent against them.’ This is how Hill describes the weather outside the Red Room by using pathetic fallacy and reflects Kingshaw's anxious and nervous mood, creates gothic atmosphere to writing. As a symbol, ‘moth’ is normally associated with darkness and indicates unlucky things. But in Hill's writing, 'moth' also suggests the situation of Kingshaw which is confinement. We can see in the line, ‘moths alive, with their whirring, pattering wings, or these moths, flattened and pinned and dead.’ Moths were all trapped no matter they are alive or dead. The key word ‘dead’ has been repeated for many times in the part of the Red Room and it created tension and unease for readers with the symbol ‘moths’. Through all these sorts of language techniques, Susan Hill shows us how Edmund Hooper purposely leads Charles Kingshaw to dark, oppressive and dreadful Red Room and torture him in a psychological way as Edmund knew that Charles's weakness is moth. Thus Hill creates an evil impression of Edmund Hooper who is a bully so that makes…

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  • Charlotte Brontë Mirror Analysis

    As a child, Jane has no filter and continuously voices her feelings to her aunt and cousins. As a result she is sent to the Red Room, which is the room that her uncle died in. On the way to the room, Mrs. Reed tells Jane that she is “less than a servant" (16). Being a “servant” is the lowest rank in society, however, being less than one Brontë suggests that Jane has no place in society. Once in the room, Jane describes the interior of the room as being “chill...seldom slept in” (17), showing its…

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  • Resurgence And Identity In Red Rooms By Winona Stevenson

    Resurgence and Identity Firstly, red rooms can be described as a collection of short stories that are stitched together with the connection of the narrator. This essay will later explain how the structure of the book is an act of resurgence, however for the time being the book is a collection of short stories. To continue, narrator Naomi is also plagued by the issue of identity and what that means to them which links them with the characters she imagines. In the reader's first glimpse of the…

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  • Matthew's Nightmare Short Story

    to a blood red scene. The walls, the stairs, the beds, the rooms, everything around him were all painted in blood RED. What was going on here? The sound of thunder could be heard outside of the house. It was storming outside. With every flash of lightning, more of this area was revealed. Near his bed, a dismembered body. On his wall, a human sculpture. On his floor, a trail of blood leading to the living room. "Do you think some measly quote will help him?" The trail of blood on the living…

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  • Wallwork Day

    the same. Sitting in the lobby, on couches, is more appealing than heading to a dorm room or the stiff back chairs of the study rooms. We share one of the larger coffee tables even though there are enough coffee tables for each of us and start to study quietly. By 1:40 pm, our things are spread across the lobby and till that point we stayed in deep, quiet study, each doing our own thing. Amanda was reading her book; Katherine was writing a paper; I was studying for anatomy. Even with having a…

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  • Christmas Narrative Story

    I couldn 't believe it! My family had started Christmas without me. According to my clock, I still had minutes left before I could get out of bed and yet I could hear my sister chattering and laughing with my parents. Quickly slipping from my room and down the hallway, I passed my little brother 's bedroom, noticing his door was still closed. It seemed he was missing out too. Still pitch-black outside, Santa had left the tree lights on, transforming the front room into a Christmas…

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  • Summary Of Jane Smiley's Sacrifice

    Ron chose to stay in the second floor, in the same bedroom he and Harry had been designated when they first stayed at the house. Neville took Hermione and Ginny’s old room on the first floor, whereas Hermione and Luna would share the third floor – Hermione where Mr. and Mrs. Weasley had stayed, and Luna in Fred and George’s, leaving the middle one as a…

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  • Sam Tung Uk Museum Analysis

    with pointy elements at the tip of each end side of the roof. The wall of the structure from the exterior is painted white with no ornamentation features on it. Looking from a diagonal perspective, the structure is very geometry in terms of the exterior with mainly squares and triangles, but with very little rounded elements. Before entering the building, there are a couple of stairs that elevated the structure to the outside of the building, which might be elements as a feature to welcome…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: We's Moving To Florida

    “We’re moving to Florida”. We were sitting at the dining room table when they told us. t must have been a Saturday or we wouldn’t have been in the dining room and it must have been some time in winter, though I don’t remember the month. Of the twelve chairs positioned around the long table, seven were occupied: Two by my parents, four by my sisters and one by me. The table was the only piece of furniture in the room. The walls where white and bare except for streaks of lurid mahogany dye…

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  • Kresge-Ford Student Lounge Analysis

    Most of the information that was sourced from conversing with the students, could be concluded just by watching them. Their body language exuded comfort. The way some focused so avidly on their laptops showed that it was a place where they could really concentrate and focus. In addition, with the way some students sat on the couches with their feet up, a few eating and conversing, it was clear that the space was almost like a living room to them; a casual place to just simply lounge. The…

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