Sewing Machine History

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There is always something different about every sewing machine, whether it’s computerized or mechanical. The way a machine operates with fabric makes that machine unique (Marie). Sewing is an activity that requires patience, it also involves stitching fabrics together by hand with a thread and needle or by a sewing machine to make clothes and even shoes that people wear today (Smith) (Cyprus). Throughout the history, fashion has changed with different designer’s unique styles. Although sewing has evolved in numerous ways, it still is relevant today with design concepts adapting to changing society and specific colors affecting people’s moods.
The clothes that people wear today were created by a sewing machine, but before sewing machines people
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Saint’s machine could sew leather for boots, it used a single thread that formed a chain stitch, sewing, and embroidery technique that makes a series of looped stitches form a chain-like pattern. Meanwhile, in 1830, Barthelemy Thimonnier patented the first actual sewing machine making eighty of his machines being used to sew uniforms for the French Army in 1841. Thimonnier’s machine included a hook-tipped needle, a needle with a hook at the end similar to a crochet needle that also created only a chain stitch. With that in mind, Walter Hunt had an idea for a double threaded machine which would create an interlocked stitch, sewing pattern that makes secure connections that won’t break, instead of chain stitch in 1834 (Stitches In …show more content…
It all started in 1976 when Louboutin had his mind set on making shoes for women to make them feel empowered and confident because in Africa women messed up hardwood floors when they wore stilettos therefore they were not allowed to wear them. As Louboutin continued to perfect his shoe designs making heels higher than 4 inches numerous celebrities started wearing his shoes making his brand the top of the Luxury Brand Status (Christian Louboutin | Fashion Designer Biography). While Christian was designing shoes there was another Christian who became the master of silhouettes and shapes (Christian Dior | Fashion Designer Biography). Christian Dior is remembered for his exemplary aesthetic sense he joined the Lucien Lelong’s fashion house where he designed dresses for wives of the French collaborators to preserve the country 's fashion industry (Christian Dior | Fashion Designer

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