Importance Of Brand Image On Brand Loyalty

(a) The researcher carried out this research is to show the importance of brand image benefits on satisfaction and loyalty. The evaluation of brand image benefits of the products help marketers to set up an effective marketing strategies. The results drop a hint that marketers should focus on brand image benefits in order to achieve customer loyalty. Besides that, it provides some suggestions to the marketers specifically for branding strategies based on the proposed model.
According to the study from EmaraldSight (2009), the outcome shows that brand image can positively influence customers' loyalty to a market offering. The study shows that good brand image should positively impact on customers' loyalty, which at long run will influence customer
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Customers will be more loyal if they perceived high social benefits from the salespersons.
Besides that, there is also a positive relationship between brand image benefits and overall satisfaction. Customers will be more satisfied if they perceived high social and functional benefits from the salespersons.
Lastly, there is a positively relationship between overall satisfaction and loyalty intention. When customers are satisfied with the products, they will be more likely to recommend the product to others, may repeat purchase, and are less likely to switch to different brand.
There are two factors that are believed that the will influence consumers’ satisfaction level. They are brand image benefits and loyalty intention. The overall customer satisfaction will then influence consumers’ intention to buy the brand/products.
As for brand image benefits, (d) This study used questionnaire survey with a total of 97 women took part in the survey. A series of questions were asked and the respondents responded on a scale which ranged from 1 for “strongly disagree” to 5 for “strongly agree”. The data in this study were analyzed using SSPS V13. According to SPSS Inc, SPSS V13 is a comprehensive system for analyzing data. The statistical tools used are frequency analysis, reliability analysis, factor analysis and regression
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Thus, to improve customer’s loyalty and satisfaction, marketers should improve the effectiveness of the brand/product, enhance brand appealing strategy, and impress their customer on how good is their products.
Besides that, to maintain and build loyalty customers, marketers should focus on improving customer’s satisfaction by providing great customer service to them (AllBusiness, 2014). Provide good customer service means that going extra mile to meet their needs (AllBusiness, 2014). We should pay attention to the customer’s concern and complains and try to fulfil their needs and wants. If the company provide consistent level of service, keeping your word and being reliable, customers will easily build trust on the company. Building trust requires the company continuously put customer’s interests ahead on their own. Customers will notice this and the company will earn their trust and go a great distance to building customer loyalty (ClientHeartbeat,

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