Lansdowne Resor Advertisement Analysis

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Awarded for Work in Advertising It was not too long after their passing that Resor and Lansdowne Resor were inducted into the Advertising Hall of Fame. In 1967, both Resor and Lansdowne Resor’s accomplishments in advertising and philanthropy were noted and celebrated. For Lansdowne Resor, this feat of a woman being inducted into the Advertising Hall of Fame should be noted, but what is more interesting is the couple being inducted. At the time, Resor and Lansdowne Resor were the only couple to be inducted into the Advertising Hall of Fame together. This sets the power couple apart from other dynamic couples in advertising.
Lansdowne Resor’s Major Campaigns for J. Walter Thompson Company Lansdowne Resor’s advertising campaigns required
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Like many companies looking to expand their products, the Woodbury line grew to include a variety of deodorant sticks, but these ended up being a mistake and caused a decline in sales. In a 1926, Excerpt from Account History from J. Walter Thompson Company files, shows that upon acquisition of the brand for advertising that it became instrumental in the company’s history. Among the many accomplishments in a 15-year advertising campaign, J. Walter Thompson Company made the Woodbury brand become the largest selling soap in its area in the United States, the Jergen’s brand saw a profit on their product for the first time in years, and a steady increase in retailers promoting the brand. This was accompanied with an additional page that featured the sales of 1928 for the Woodbury brand. The Woodbury brand started out with a total of $140,000 in sales with $25,000 being allocated for advertising, which accounted for 36% of the sales of the Jergens Company. This is compared to the 1928 with a total of $2,370,265 in sales with $580,147 being spent on advertising, which accounted for only 24% of the company sales. This shows that if nothing else, J. Walter Thompson Company not only boosted sales of the product, but the companies sales overall. Furthermore, Lansdowne Resor cemented Woodbury Facial Soap into advertising history with her eye-catching advertisements and suggestive

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