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  • Tasks And Duties Of Mechanical Engineering

    Mechanical Engineering According to The Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS), Mechanical Engineers are knowledgeable in math, physics, technology, and design. In addition to technical skills learned in school, the BLS states that creativity, communication skills, critical thinking and problem solving skill are crucial (“Mechanical”). In addition, Onet Online, a website supported by the United States Department of Labor, describes the skills of Mechanical Engineers as listening skills, math…

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  • Key Components Of Training And Instructional Design

    experience include knowledge management and instructional design (Noe, 2013). In the school organization, in which I currently teach mathematics, the component that most interests me in analyzing is the rationale behind the instructional design that is chosen to prepare our teachers for the innovative and diverse demands of preparing our 21st century learners. In this interview analysis, I have selected two key district…

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  • Philosophy Model And Component Analysis Paper

    I will describe my philosophy as it relates to curriculum design (CD) and my CD project on American Sign Language (ASL). Through the use the ADDIE model I will develop a CD that uses real-world situations to lessen the issues the deaf community are faced with in regards to the support they receive from the emergency services and the city employees in the Belleville area. The topic for which I have chosen to create my curriculum design project on is ASL. ASL is a three-dimensional language…

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  • Universal Design Approach

    Universal Design and Approaches Reflection “A universal design for learning (UDL) classroom values learning how to learn with a variety of assessments, collegiality, open-ended activities, multiple learning modes, connection and different teaching styles” (Stanford, B., & Reeves, S., 2009, p. 8). Within these classrooms, students who learn through a variety of different mediums are considered. Curriculum and lesson plans are designed in a way that can contribute to the success of not one but all…

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  • Transformative Design Roles

    Week 4 Discussion Forum The roles of the designers, implementer and developers cannot be under looked in the implementation of the ICT projects. McDonald (2010) raises issues that are of great concern to the entire ecosystem of information and communication technology. The ruling on the court case gives a clear view of the law concerning the handling of information. It is a clearly stipulates the roles of the designer developer and the implementer. In the case, the content developer is…

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  • Graphic Design Process

    Design Process An element of graphic design that could have a positive effect on students was design process. The design process assisted graphic designers with processing information and ideas. The graphic design process introduced how to think more like an explosion of ideas than linear line of one idea. Linear thinking was about one idea and attaching to that idea. While, lateral thinking was trying multiple ideas at once and changing and improving them over time. Hernandez and Prathibha…

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  • My Importance Of Architecture

    is an ability as well as a blend of combination of creativity and imagination. The world of design is exciting, especially in a developing global society. Architecture is not just the study of structure, but more importantly, the study of people. All architecture becomes a part of city planning; once a building is developed, it immediately becomes a part of the local urban fabric. As architects you design for the present with an awareness of the past for a future that is essentially unknown.…

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  • Case Study: Hyatt Regency Disaster

    MCET 450: Mechanical Analysis & Design I Hyatt Regency Disaster Written by: Douglas Chu, Andrew Smilinich, Brian Esposito Assignment Date: August 25, 2015 Due Date: September 1, 2015 Introduction: The Hyatt Regency disaster took place in Kansas City, Missouri on July 17, 1981. This tragedy occurred during a large gathering of people for the annual tea dance (Engineering Ethics:The Kansas city Hyatt Regency Walkways Collapse). According to the filed report the “atrium area was…

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  • Conflict In Santa's Workshop Case Study

    In Case 8 “Conflict in Santa’s Workshop: Learning to Be a Team Player at ToyKing”, ToyKing was a large, U.S.-based toy design and manufacturing company that specialized in educational toys and games. Located in Torrance, California, the Design Studio headquarters consisted of over 60 toy designers and about 20 technicians and fabricators. Out of the toy designers, 15 were senior designers and the remaining 45 were junior designers. Their goal is to come up with new innovative toy concepts each…

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  • Personal Statement: A Career As An Architect

    Are you a problem solver with plenty of creativity and a desire to take your ideas and turn them into buildings and spaces? Are you good at using the left and right side of your brain and enjoy solving problems and conquering challenges? As an architect you will be able to put your creative ideas down on paper and then turn those drawings into reality. It is a challenging, but immensely rewarding profession and few things can compare to the feeling of seeing your ideas turned into something…

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