Committee on Institutional Cooperation

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  • Personal Statement: My Educational Experience

    Elmoutasam Aziz Mobile: 00961 70 900 728 Email: Personal Statement: Reflecting on my educational experiences, I value the infinite impact that educators make in the lives of young people. I too realize that the skills and knowledge acquired in the classroom, will be used by young people throughout their lifetime. Therefore, as an educator, I trust to be a role model that cultivates in young people, open minds, morals, ethics and the cognition and ability to be…

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  • The FIFA Scandal

    In this report, we will focus on the conflict of interest, FIFA’s Independent Ethics Committee’s actions to prevent corruption. FIFA’s Independent Ethics Committee has the primary responsible for investigating possible infringements of the FIFA Code of ethics. However, FIFA does not provide a systematic control of corruption risk for it system of internal controls (COSC). In the Governing FIFA’s Concept Paper…

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  • The Case Of The Tuskegee Syphilis Study By Allan M. Brandt's Experiment

    In studying the essay “Racism and Research: The Case of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study” written by Allan M. Brandt, it is easy to conclude that the Tuskegee study was founded entirely off racism in the medical community and had no real relevance in the study of syphilis at the experiments’ conclusion. It became something much more useful to psychologists and sociologists to understand the “pathology of racism” rather than the “pathology of syphilis.” (Brandt, 1978, p. 21) The experiment led to the…

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  • Declassified: The Secrecy Dilemma In National Security By Michael Colaresi

    believe that democracies use covert actions to keep foreign policy decision and actions from becoming public. Additionally, John Ikenberry (2001) contends that because democratic governments are to some extent transparent, they can generate greater cooperation from other governments. However, Colaresi believes that other theorists fail to mention one critical aspect, the secrecy dilemma.…

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  • Pressure Group Influence On Society

    For example, a pressure group that tried to fight for the resist of slavery arise since 1787 onwards. In 1839, Anti-Corn Law Leagues was a successful political movement in Great Britain which influenced government. Antislavery and temperance organizations start to pioneer pressure group politics while the other inspiration for the early pressure group were religious mass organizations. Modern pressure groups always being critized that the presence of this group has corrupted the political system…

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  • Political Differences Between China And The US

    “NPC deputies are expected to approve all budgets, agency reports, and personnel appointments put before them” (Lawrence & Martin 2013, 4). Other institutions include the the People’s Political Consultative Conferences (PPCCs). This is headed by a committee in which the state consults with the Party on certain matters. This consulting happens between China’s eight minor political parties. Lawrence argues that these consultations are recommendations by the state at best, as the parties pledged…

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  • The Importance Of Ethical Safeguards For Clinical Research

    Ethics This essay will discuss the ethical safeguards for clinical research that may not apply to evidence-based projects. Additionally, this essay will discuss ethical controversies related to two ethical exemplars. In conclusion, patients’ ethical responsibility in improving healthcare will be explored. Ethical Safeguards Clinical research involves the study of investigational analysis of data or experiments that involve humans. To protect people from being harmed and to ensure that…

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  • Emergency Management In Canada

    Emergency management policy of Manitoba and Canada Emergency management policy can be defined as the course of action taken by the government to avoid risk (Haddow, D.G et al.2008). Manitoba experienced 119 hazards in last 100 years (1904 to 2014) where flood, drought, storm and wildfire occurred more frequently which had high economic losses but very few fatalities (Jones, R. L. 1992). The emergency management policy of Manitoba has been developed through a long period of time and changed with…

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  • L & T Info Technology Case Analysis

    An overview: Introduction Larsen and Toubro is a major Technology, Engineering, Construction, Infrastructure and Manufacturing services aggregate, with worldwide operations. L&T addresses basic needs in key segments - Hydrocarbon, Infrastructure, Power, Process Industries and Defense - for clients in more than 30 nations around the globe. L&T is occupied with center, high effect parts of the economy and its…

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  • David Greenberg's The Hidden History Of The Espionage Act

    It gave the power to suppress any opposition to the war, and suspended the mailing privileges of many opposition and peace organizations. According to David Greenberg in his article, “The Hidden History of the Espionage Act”, the law had a justifiable legitimate purpose, but soon became problematic (Greenberg par. 4). Its wording was vague, and left too much opportunity for misinterpretation by overzealous vigilante groups and overly aggressive law enforcement agencies (Greenberg par. 6).…

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