Business Analysis: External Analysis Of The ASB Bank

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4. External analysis (Micro):
Suppliers, Competitors and Customers are the significant ways to evaluate the external analysis of the CBA that is described below: 4.1 Supplier:
Suppliers plays significant role in the CBA that helps to raise the bank credibility in the market through provide constant quality service of it. It provides several services such as corporate banking, consumer banking, credit cards, mortgages, private equity and investment banking that can be handle by the suppliers of the CBA. CBA has long suppliers that provide quality of service to the bank clients. Bank and suppliers relation make number one in the market because they work for clients safisfaction. (Tomasic, Bottomley & McQueen 2012).
4.2 Competitor:
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It operates in several countries such as the USA, Fiji, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States that raise its popularity in the worldwide through several branches in worldwide. So, customer can get banking services anywhere in the world that is the beneficial for its customers. The CBA has several brands such as ASB Bank, Bankwest, Commonwealth Insurance Limited and Commonwealth Securities Limited that provide financial service to all Australian customer that is beneficial for the CBA growth and development in the worldwide level. (Tomasic, Bottomley & McQueen …show more content…
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