Banking Case Study

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There are several factors that determine bank is special as a financial institution nowadays.1. Based on the definition, bank is a financial institution that involve some banking services/products such as deposits, loans and electronic transfers etc. And its financial operation is based on currency. In addition, 2.Banks have been developed for hundreds of years, it plays an vital role for growth of economy, especially for the scale of economies. Apart from that, differ from other financial corporations, 3.the most operations of cross-functional departments may lead to changes of monetary resources. On the other hand, 4.banks make another innovation because of the rapid development of high technology. Compared to traditional banks,
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As a basic banking product, George. J. Benston(2004) document that bank’s depository services also provide a comparative advantage of lower variance of net cash flows due to combining fund flows from changes in both deposits and loans. As for savings, time deposits can allow banks to require interest rate in investment for consumers and banks offer demand deposits to increase credit limits. For banks, deposits might have low yield and low returns because of its security, liquidity and reliability. And the benefits can be expressed at price, they will have limited and potential negative returns, although it might be the simplest bank service. From a bank customer’s perspective, when the customer deposits cash into a bank current account, this financial transaction has been finished: the consumer’s assets will decrease and current account balance will go up. Because during the process current account is the debit, and customer’s asset is the credit. In general, the higher the interest rates, the more profits customers can get. While according to recent trends, it can be estimated by experts that saving account interest rates should increase, but clients won’t get rich, although this kind of account have fixed and long-term interest rates. In addition, according to the Federal Reserve, it has been a brand new trend that people can simply snap a photo of their check to have it instantly deposited, a service over half of mobile banking customers used in 2014 instead of going to branches to deal with checks. Convenient and efficient services could be offered by mobile deposits for people. As a matter of fact, I believe that deposits still remain popular because of its relative safety. While large deposits in small banks or cooperative banks or weak banks are not totally risk free. If in case these banks fail, consumers may lose amount of earned money, though banks are compulsorily required to

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