Routing Number And Account Number: Case Study

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Good afternoon,
I have been advised by Veronica from the Executive Office in Houston, Texas that I should send my request for the “Routing Number and Account Number” of the joint high school account in the names of Sean P. McDermott (son) and Robert D. McDermott (father) that Chase Bank closed through the online secure mail system on October 5, 2015. The account that I am requesting this information on was unexpectingly closed by Chase. Since both of my deposit accounts were in good standing, the closure came as a complete surprise to me. Both of my deposit accounts were paperless so I was unable to look at an old statement and get the “Routing Number and Account Number” information before my automated access to these deposit accounts was
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Your accounts will be closed first thing Monday”. As we pulled into my drive-way I thought The Lord just showed me the bigot that filed an erroneous charge against my caregiver saying that she was trying to hurt a disabled elderly person fiscally. I thought how odd as it was he who violated my HIIPA rights, kept me in a branch over an hour (I’m sure the branch films must show what time I came in and what time I left as well as his actions versus mine). I thought if this isn’t Elder Abuse I don’t know what is. After reading Jaime Dimon’s 50 page, “Code of Conduct – It starts with me”. I felt that Chase would handle this …show more content…
I had my disabled American rights violated. Several common banking rules were violated. My HIIPA rights were violated. I was held hostage for an hour with threats of not being given my money. But after talking to approximately 40 Chase employees the reaction is to sweep this under a rug. The idea that Chase refuses to mail me my and my son’s monthly disability payments out of spite because I walked into a branch. People falsified the records on my file saying they called me yet my UVerse account didn’t capture one of those alleged calls and no messages were left and no missed messages ever showed up. Then no of my calls were ever returned or recorded on my file. When I talked to the individual in charge of my case and I put her on the spot and said she lied about calling me yet she refused to list all my calls. I finished by saying, “Do you deny anything that I just said on Chase’s taped system?” I waited for a period of time and said your silence answers that

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