The Importance Of Names

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Arguably one of the important decisions people have to make upon becoming parents is picking a name for their newborn child, a handle he can proudly use for the rest of his life. As the naming paradigm seems to be shifting towards more variety and creativity1, the artisans of new names have to pay attention to the thin line between unique and odd, culturally representative and obscure and powerful and offensive. If the impact of their choice was limited to themselves, the state would have no reason to intervene and limit them, but, unfortunately, this is not the case, as the one receiving the name is usually a young child, which is at the same time part of the group most likely to be influenced by names, as a large portion of children consider names a significant part of their identity and unable to pick for themselves. Therefore, in order to aid the name givers and protect children from possible social repercussions of names they received through no fault of their own, it is important that we adopt a law that restricts names that might have a negative impact on them, such as “Cholera”, “Loser”, “Fat Meat” or “Demon” due to their strong negative …show more content…
Ideally, such a law should prevent negative, offensive or impractical names (due to their length, harsh pronunciation or exotic characters employed in spelling it) without discouraging productive creativity. However, as expected, it is hard, if not impossible to objectively decide whether a name qualifies more as unique (in a positive fashion) than odd. Therefore, when drawing the legal boundary, we must choose which is less harmful: classifying unique as odd or the other way

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